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Factor in real estate appraisal. A type of physical depreciation owing the lack of normal upkeep, such as broken glass and doors and discolored paint that negatively impacts the value of property.

Comments for Deferred Maintenance

Betty Wadlington Betty Wadlington said:

The appraiser didn't do the deferred maintenance on my house and lie like they did. What can I do about this?

Sep 08, 2018  20:18:21

Real Estate Agent

Hey Betty,
Thanks for reaching out!

When you say he didn't do, you mean he didn't "measure the value of it"? Because appraisers are not supposed to do any maintenance to the house themselves - only calculate the value of the house - and the deferred maintenance is one of the factors of this calculation. But, anyway, we suggest you talk to your real estate agent and maybe even call a real estate lawyer to see what you can do in this situation. Good luck!

Sep 10, 2018  16:29:22
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