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Central North Carolina is home to the Piedmont Triad region, where the city of High Point is located. With a population of 110,000 people and growing, the city extends into four counties, and it is considered the ninth-largest municipality in the US. But why are people so attracted to the area? What is High Point NC known for? Let’s find out!

The city of High Point is commonly referred to as the Home Furnishing Capital of the World. Each year the city organizes the High Point Market, the world’s largest home furnishing trade show. Every year the show attracts more than 100,000 exhibitors and buyers from all around the world, and since it gets such high traffic from all parts of the world, High Point was also named “North Carolina’s International City.

High Point NC is also known for its location in the Piedmont Triad region, alongside Greensboro and Winston-Salem. The metro region has a population of about 1.7 million people, and it is the 33rd largest metropolitan area in the US. If you look at the metro region, you will find out that the workforce exceeds 840,000, and the area boasts 16 universities.

You would probably expect a city that deems itself the largest furnishing capital of the world to have some of the best home furniture in existence. But did you know that the city of High Point holds the largest chest of drawers in the world? The drawers stand 36 feet tall, and with two large socks hanging on from its middle, this monument is strongly consolidating the city's position as the Capital of Home Furnishing.

However, that is not everything you can expect to find in High Point North Carolina. The area’s history and culture gave birth to plenty of other exciting attractions and ways you can entertain yourself. If you are thinking about exploring the ins and outs of High Point, consider relocating here. Contact out our local real estate agents in High Point NC, and find out more about the average home price, rent, or other aspects of the housing market.


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