What Is Houston Texas Population In 2020?

Answer for "What is Houston Texas population in 2020?"

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Back in 2018, the city of Houston Texas had a population of about 2.33 million people, and the population of the Greater Houston metropolitan area was estimated to be a little under 7 million people. The population of the metropolitan area has increased by about 100,000 during this year and with the beginning of the new decade, the population is predicted to increase to about 7.1 million in 2020.

The year 2020 definitely had a few surprises for us but, you might be wondering what is Houston Texas Population in 2020? In spite of the pandemic that has economically affected many regions throughout the country, the population in the metro area has increased to almost 7.2 million people and the population in the city of Houston Texas has increased to 2.34 million.

There is no surprise over the fact that the city and the metro region has seen such a significant increase in population. Houston ranked third in the US as the metro area with the highest population growth as far as net natural increase goes. Like any other city in the US, there are pros and cons to living in Houston Texas, but one of the pros is the fact that Houston is the economic center of the Houston, The Woodlands, Sugarland metropolitan area.

The amount of Fortune 500 headquarters in Houston Texas is only exceeded by New York, which offers plenty of job opportunities for the population. On the other hand, the housing market of Houston Texas is very accessible and according to Zillow the median home value of about $191,000. The housing market is also a buyers market which means that it is the perfect place for first time home buyers or even for investors who want to expand their investment portfolio. Contact one of the best realtors in Houston Texas if you want to become a proud homeowner in one of the most thriving areas in Texas.


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