What Is The Average Home Price In Land O Lakes Florida?

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Land O’Lakes is a CDP(census-designated place) located in Pasco County Florida, in the Tampa Bay area. Close to the Gulf of Mexico coast but far enough that Land O’Lakes forms a unique ecosystem of forest areas and lakes. The lake community is a small quaint town that provides easy access to major cities such as Tampa and St. Petersburg, but is far enough so residents can enjoy a quiet atmosphere. The beautiful combination of lakefront views and forest areas is something to die for when it comes to housing. However, you are probably curious to know what is the average home price in land O’Lakes Florida? Here is what you need to know!

The median home value in Land O’Lakes FL is close to $273,000, and the trends indicate that prices are going up. Numerous people in the area shy away from big cities to live in the suburbs and enjoy the rural community lifestyle. Since Land O’Lakes FL is known for its vibrant communities and scenic views, many people find it a great place to live.

The town is conveniently located, not too far from Tampa, which is also a bonus if you live in the area. The average rent is around $1,400/month, and about 60% of apartment units rent between $1,000 to $1,500 per month. However, very few people rent in Land O’Lakes, and tenants occupy only about 25% of the households. The great neighborhoods of Land O’Lakes FL make it a desirable place to live and own property.

On the other hand, the strong economy of the area suggests that the housing market in Land O’Lakes Florida will experience an upward trend both in listings and prices. Some of the most expensive properties are held in Drexel and Dupree Gardens, a neighborhood situated between the Cypress Creek Preserve and Route 41. Median prices here are close to $370,000, and the average rent is anywhere around $2,200.

Buying a home in Land O’Lakes Florida is also great for family living because you have a great combination of top rated schools, low crime, and college-educated residents who tend to support education. The market is predominantly populated with single-family homes and with the help of real estate agents in Land O’Lakes Florida you can become a homeowner yourself in this gorgeous lake community.


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