Where Is Fort Mills, South Carolina?

Definition of "Where is Fort Mills, South Carolina?"

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Fort Mill is a town located in the state of South Carolina as a suburb of the city of Charlotte. Right around the border of South to North Carolina, this city is also known as Fort Mill Township. York County is home to the city of Fort Mill and its location places it between some of South and North Carolina’s major cities.

South of Fort Mill lies the city of Rock Hill which is the largest city of York County and the county seat. North of Fort Mill is where the city of Charlotte, North Carolina is located, a major commercial hub with a modern city center. Fort Mill’s location in between these two major cities had a great impact on the development of this city and made Fort Mills a good place to live.

What is the population of Fort Mill, South Carolina?

Fort Mill’s population is right around 17,000 people and increasing. Since the 2010 Census, the population has almost doubled. In 2017 there were about 4 times more Caucasian residents in Fort Mills than any other ethnicity or race. More than 70% of Fort Mills residents were Caucasian while 19% were African American residents.

The median age of the population is around 35 years of age which makes it a place that attracts both older adults and young families alike. Providing good education for children through the Fort Mill School District while having a safe environment, the city of Fort Mill is small but versatile.

What is Fort Mill known for?

There are quite a few attractions and interesting things to do in Fort Mill, South Carolina. In terms of entertainment, live theater and a hearty serving of southern hospitality are provided by NarroWay. This is one of the few Christian theater companies out there and their live shows are fun and offer engaging experiences for families, groups, and people of all ages.

The historic downtown of Fort Mill holds Memorial Parks and a Confederate Park that honor the past and stand as a reminder for future generations of the brave soldiers that fought for liberty and freedom.

Nature lovers will enjoy very much the Anne Springs Close Greenway, a nature preserve that Fort Mill is known for. Around 2,300 acres of forests, lakes, and wildlife. Trails features within the reservation offer anyone the chance to engage in activities such as hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

The city of Fort Mill is also home to notable business and some of the company headquarters held within the city are Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps, LPL Financial, Spring Industries, AECOM, Shutterfly and more.

Overall the city of Fort Mill is well rounded with a rich historical background highlighted by its Memorial Park’s. It’s also a compact city that keeps its townsmen busy through its means of entertainment and the peaceful settlement makes you feel warm and welcome. For a dose of the classic Southern charm, Fort Mills is definitely the place where you can find it.


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