Is FOREST, VA A Buyers Or Sellers Market?

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Published: Sep 25, 2023

Forest Virginia is a tiny yet delightful town (more precisely, a census-designated place) located in Bedford County. The family-friendly haven (ZIP code: 24551) has an area of 14 square miles and hosts slightly more than 11,000 people as of 2023. Why is Forest the ideal relocation destination? Join me on this adventure, and I will reveal every detail you need to know to make an informed decision!


Let’s get you hooked up with a budget-friendly home in Forest Virginia!

Suppose you entertain the idea of moving to Forest VA. In that case, contacting me, an experienced top-tier local real estate agent in Forest Virginia would be your best bet! I will be your expert guide in finding the most suitable homes for sale or rent tailored to your budget and housing needs. At the same time, you can get in touch with me if you want to sell your property in Forest at the best possible price.


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What are the unbeatable perks of living in Forest Virginia?

Why would I recommend it to anyone searching for a new place to live and thrive? First and foremost, Forest is primarily a residential area featuring a strong sense of community. However, this doesn’t make the small town bland or uneventful! Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, Forest VA boasts picturesque landscapes, a convenient vicinity to the splendid Blue Ridge Mountains, and a peaceful suburban atmosphere. 


Are you ready for adventures and economic advantages in Forest VA?

Moving to Forest Virginia will grant you and your family access to mind-blowing open-air activities. You can enjoy the Great Outdoors in the absolute sense of the word. Moreover, the local economy in Forest VA is, simply put, booming. Low unemployment rate? Check! Is the cost of living in Forest more affordable than the national average? You bet! How about the job market in Forest? Analysts predict steady job growth in the area with plenty of outstanding opportunities! 


Is the housing market in Forest Virginia a go or no-go?


You might jump to the conclusion that the Forest Virginia housing market must be over-priced. Let me assure you that it’s precisely the opposite! So why don’t we get into the nitty-gritty of the thriving real estate market in Forest VA?


As of August 2023, Forest’s median home selling price was approximately $342,000. This median implies a 21 percent drop in property prices since the last year. Furthermore, the average sale price per square foot was about $190. If we look at the bigger picture, homes in Forest are about thirteen percent more affordable than the Virginia average. Also, they are substantially more budget-friendly than the US median ($416,000.) Therefore, based on the price-quality relationship, the Forest housing market is undoubtedly a go!


Is the Forest VA real estate market competitive?

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House hunters, families, and investors all across the nation are aware of the advantages of moving to Forest, most prominently, the affordable properties. For this reason, homes receive multiple offers, and many homebuyers waive contingencies. 


Sellers must know that, on average, real estate stays on the market for 40 days. On average, Forest properties sell around the initial price. Yet, hot homes will sell at a higher price in the trendiest neighborhoods in and next to Forest, such as Blue Ridge Farms, Wyndhurst, Sandusky, or Windsor Hills. The most popular and sought-after real estate in Forest VA are single-family homes, new constructions, townhouses, and condos. 


Presently, the real estate market in Forest Virginia is genuinely competitive. In other words, it’s a seller’s market characterized by moderately low housing inventory, faster sales, and seller-friendly terms. As a result, homebuyers may feel pressured to make a swift decision as desirable properties can be snatched up swiftly.

Final thoughts

I recommend homebuyers consider purchasing a home in this charming town and act promptly! Now is the perfect time to make a profitable real estate investment in the area. First, property prices in Forest Virginia have dropped significantly since 2022. Second, a new generation of home seekers is on alert and buying homes, thus lowering the available housing supply. Due to the area’s countless economic perks and bright future potential, moving to Forest should be a no-brainer! 


Reach out to me if you require a professional to bring you up to speed with the thriving housing market and inexpensive homes listed in Forest VA!


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