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Upper Marlboro is the seat of Prince George’s County, Maryland, with a population of about 700 people. Upper Marlboro is just 0.4 square miles and about 5% of that is water, making it one of the smallest towns in Maryland. Even though small in size and population, the town of Upper Marlboro is backed by Greater Upper Marlboro which is many times larger and more populous.

The incorporated town of Upper Marlboro MD is completely surrounded by Greater Upper Marlboro which was formerly a census-designated place(CDP). Further down the road, the area was divided into multiple smaller CDP's and this includes portions such as Marlboro Village, Brock Hall, Queensland, Marlboro Meadows, and Croom.

The quiet town and the rural life in Upper Marlboro has been in the past one of the most favorite places to live for important historical figures and this makes it one of the oldest towns in southern Maryland. The area was settled around 1695 and it was named after one of Winston Churchill’s ancestors, Duke of Marlborough.

Another important historical figure that was born in Upper Marlboro, was John Carroll, the founder of Georgetown University and the first Archbishop in America. His brother Daniel was also born here and he was the signer of the US Constitution.

Without a doubt, the town of Upper Marlboro went through many important events and has seen many important people. Now, it is a quiet place with a charming downtown area where multiple local businesses have found their way to success. Also being close to the capital of the US, Washington DC is very advantageous for the local economy and businesses.  You can now take advantage of this beautiful town by contacting one of our top real estate agents in Upper Marlboro MD and relocate here.


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