How Many Real Estate Agents Are In Houston Texas?

Answer for "How many real estate agents are in Houston Texas?"

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Houston is the most populous metropolis in Texas and its population is continuously growing. Good job opportunities, housing prices and plenty of entertainment attract people from all around the USA to this place which creates a high demand for the housing market. High demand for houses also means that more and more real estate agents appear on the scenery and now it is easier than ever to become a real estate agent in Texas.

In the city of Houston, Texas there are millions of people and with only about 8,000 homes for sale, Houston is a challenging market where you need to move fast in order to get your hand on the best deals. There are about 26,900 real estate agents in this city and finding the top real estate agents in Houston Texas will get homes off the market 1.4x faster and will even save buyers some money.

Why do you need top real estate agents in Houston, TX?

Statistics show that the top 3% of real estate agents in Houston, sell 1.8x more properties. While the average homes sit on the market for about 70 days the top agents sell properties in approximately 39 days. They can also bring, on average $13,000 more for a mansion sale, and top realtors sell for 101.6% of the listing price compared to the average seller agent that sells for 97.1%. Also when it comes to the number of homes sold per year, a top realtor will sell 7 times more than the average agent.

Buying a home with an average real estate agent will get you the house for 93.5% of it’s listing price, while a skilled real estate agent can snag it for 86.3%. If we convert the statistics into dollars that would mean that you get it for about $21,852 cheaper than the listed price. 

Is it hard to become a real estate agent in Houston, TX?

There are several aspects you need to consider if you want to become a real estate agent in Houston. You would need to go through 180-hours of certified education, you need to be at least 18 years of age and after that, you need to apply for a real estate agent license at TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission). You are also required to work under a sponsoring broker so as soon as you get your license, by passing a state exam, and broker you are set to go.

It is a process that takes a bit of time and there are some fees that need to be covered, but in the end, all the effort might be worth it since Houston is blooming in terms of it’s housing market.


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