What Are The Best Public Schools In Houston Texas?

Answer for "What are the best public schools in Houston Texas?"

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For families with children, there are a lot of important things to look for when seeking a city to call home. If you’re thinking of moving to the city of Houston, you’ll no doubt be researching the cost of living, the median home price, how safe Houston is and anything else that might affect the well being of your children and whether or not the city is a good place to live

If you’ve got kids, you are likely already aware of just how important it is to make sure that they get the best possible education, in the most stable and academically stimulating environment you can find. For some families, home schooling or a private school might be the best solution, but for most, the answer is finding a good public school. 

Public schools in Houston TX

This being the case, you’ll no doubt be searching for the best public schools in the area, so you can choose your new home accordingly. If you’re asking this question, you’ve come to the right place! Below, we’ll be listing the three best public schools in Houston TX, chosen for their high median test scores, excellent academic environments and helpful, professional staff. Let’s get on into it! 

River Oaks Elementary School

If you have a child in a grade between the first and the fifth, this is your best choice among the public schools in the city of Houston. This widely renowned elementary school boasts a wide variety of benefits, such as high standardized test scores, an excellent location, dedicated, professional staff and faculty, and a thoroughly well developed curriculum. 

Lanier Middle School

For those with middle school-aged children, there are several excellent choices when it comes to education, but the clear winner is Lanier Middle School. With an ethnically diverse student base, modern and technologically up-to-date facilities, well trained teachers and administrators and an overwhelmingly positive perception among students, there are few schools that can be called its equal. 

North Houston Early College High School

Lastly, our choice of high schools in Houston is North Houston Early College High School. The curriculum at this institution is well rounded, with a focus on preparing students for higher education with a wide variety of advanced placement courses. The median standardized test scores at this establishment are understandably high, making this the obvious choice for parents of high school-age students. 


When it comes to education, there are no shortcuts. In order for you to maximize your child’s chances of becoming successful as an adult, you’ll need to make sure that they get the best education possible. According to real estate agents in Houston, TX, this city is the perfect place to find educational institutions that meet these requirements. 


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