What Is It Like To Live In BAY SAINT LOUIS, MS?

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Published: Feb 15, 2023

Do you know those small but utterly lovely American towns that vibrate with tranquility and charm? Once you step outside your home, pristine beaches and happy faces greet you with a smile. Then, you know the secret of why so many people visit and move to Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi!

In fact, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, encapsulates the concept of a safe and soothing haven far away from the loud and tumultuous American cities. Under such circumstances, relocating to Bay Saint Louis, MS, doesn't sound like such a far-fetched idea, does it? 

Moving to Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, will be a piece of cake with expert help!

Suppose you wish to discover this tiny town's countless secrets and treasures. In that case, contacting me would be your best bet. I am your experienced and customer-friendly local real estate agent in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi. For this reason, I am always available to bring you up to speed with affordable homes to buy or rent in this beautiful city.

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On the other hand, I will be there for you if you want to sell your Bay St. Bay property. Have you heard that the local housing market in Bay St. Louis is picking up? So, you'll have every chance to sell your asset at the highest return!

Fascinating things to know about Bay St. Louis, MS

Find Bay Saint Louis on the Gulf Coast in Hancock County, the “Magnolia State.” Its population has constantly increased over the last decades; by 2023, it has reached about 9,290 souls. 

The real estate market in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, is affordable.

The city's rising popularity is reflected in its home prices. Don't be alarmed, though! The median home sale price was approximately $300,000 as of late December 2022. This means buying a home in Bay St. Louis is still cheaper than the national average. Also, the property tax is low.

The Bay St. Louis housing market is moderately competitive. Local properties sell about eight percent below the list price, and the average pending period last around 48 days. Considering local and national market trends, I recommend you invest in a Bay St. Louis asset as soon as possible before another home price increase occurs.

Economic perks of living in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

One of the best economic advantages of residing in this beautiful and historic city is its low cost of living. Compared to the US average, the living costs of Bay St. Louis are substantially more affordable by about 18 percent. Thus, you'll find essential products and services, such as transportation, health care, groceries, and various utilities, much more reasonably priced than the US and Mississippi average.

Besides, the local job market features industrial diversity. You'll find numerous top employers with regional headquarters, such as ABM Industries, DAK Americas, S&L Office and Printing, etc. Thus, you'll have every chance to obtain a well-paying position.

Explore trendy local attractions in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi!

Undoubtedly, Bay Saint Louis Beach is our local 'celebrity.' Many tourists come to explore this unique beach to paddle, kayak, or walk its mesmerizing paths.

Another trendy destination is The Old Town. This one-of-a-kind neighborhood hosts shops, art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants that offer an outstanding combination of historic and cosmopolitan feel.  

hancock whitneyDiscover the friendly and supportive local community in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi!

Residents embrace and support newcomers, so finding a real and spiritual home in Bay Saint Louis will be an effortless and pleasant transition for you. Living here will offer you a genuine sense of community and belonging. Secondly, with the low crime rates, our beloved town is one of the safest places in the state. Moreover, the streets are safe at night too!

The education is also tip-top, providing students with acclaimed public schools, such as North Bay Elementary School, Bay Waveland Middle School, and Bay High School.

Locals gave excellent feedback about their experience of living here. On the livability chart, Bay St. Louis reached an above-your-average score of 77/100! For this reason, many families have decided to relocate here as well.


If you're looking for a peaceful place far from overcrowded cities, Bay Saint Louis should be your first and best option! This hidden American gem provides affordable housing, a low cost of living, and many job market opportunities. Besides, locals nourish and cherish a genuine family-friendly atmosphere.

What is it like to live in Bay Saint Louis, MS? For many people, it means that their dream of a laid-back and comfy lifestyle has finally come true. Why don't you give it a shot?


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