Do Real Estate Agents Work With Home Renters?

Answer for "Do real estate agents work with home renters?"

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Do real estate agents work with home renters? Yes, they do.

To be honest, real estate agents are willing to work with everyone. There are some who are specialized in sales and not rentals, but there are no rules that say they can’t do rental properties too. What’s more of a matter here is actually the consumer side – Landlord and Tenant - deciding if it wants the professional help of a real estate agent or not.

Yes, because many home renters, whether Landlords or Tenants, believe that the aid of a real estate agent in the rental process is something of a luxury. But far from it; it actually feels like less of a financial burden than with house buying/selling. What most real estate agents ask for is one month of rent as their real estate commission. And here’s what’s interesting: when the house is for sale, there’s that question of who pays the real estate agent; is it the home buyer or the home seller? But with rentals typically there’s no doubt: it is the Landlord. He’s the one who’s renouncing one month of payment in order for the real estate agent to earn his pay. For the Tenant, it makes no difference: the amount he was to pay for rent is the same; nothing extra.

So, as you see, for the Tenant there’s really no reason *not* to work with a real estate agent. Only if he/she is looking to go to an apartment complex which its managing company specifically says “no agents allowed” – but you can still arrange with the agent to pay a fee for him/her to act on your behalf; it only means that the Landlord will not scratch its pocket to pay up your agent.

Moreover, Real Estate Agents work with home renters on other fronts besides “finding the right home” for Tenants and “marketing the home and managing the interested tenants” for the Landlord. With the many websites dedicated to listings available, chances are the future tenants have an idea of places and homes they want to live in and that the Landlords have an idea how to attract Tenants. For those cases, real estate agents work with home renters to help them out with the legal aspects of the lease transaction, more as a consultant than anything else. Agents can show all the Landlord-Tenant rights loopholes and advise the best way to avoid the pitfalls of rent.

Ok, now that you know that real estate agents work with home renters – and hopefully you are convinced it’s better to have them by your side – you might be wondering: where can you find a real estate agent that works with home renters?!

Right here! Just head to our Real Estate Agents Directory and contact one. The majority of them do and the ones that don’t will love to refer you to someone who does.


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