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If you’re thinking of moving to New Orleans, LA, we will give you the extra boost necessary to decide. As the most unique city in the United States, real estate agents in New Orleans Louisiana, are genuinely proud of their city. How often can someone say that they live in the Jazz capital of the world? New Orleans is famous worldwide as the birthplace of Jazz music, and the city has annual festivals to further promote this raw and visceral style of music. But music isn’t the only thing that real estate agents in New Orleans LA, can enjoy in the city. Getting to experience the music, the cuisine, and the life of this multicultural city every day is reason enough for its growing population to relocate there. Why shouldn’t you? The city’s history is another motivating factor, and the realtors in New Orleans LA can give you a tour of the French Quarter known for its architectural appeal and nightlife. The city is vibrant with life, even after every struggle, it grew stronger. While continuously developing, real estate agents in New Orleans Louisiana, know that the melting pot of cultures connects the community and is celebrated everywhere. Whether it’s the food, the music, the people, or the architecture, the city completely fits with any resident’s expectations. The way of life seems to change in this city; any realtors in New Orleans Louisiana can tell you that. As a prospective new resident, you should consider studying how people here seem to move at an easier beat. It’s like the rhythm of life changes when you get here. Just contact one of the top ranked real estate agents in New Orleans LA, below and see how they describe life in their city. Or continue to read and find out more about the Crescent City of Louisiana.
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The Crescent City has been through more struggles than most, but nothing seems to crush its undying spirit. Its survival is a direct result of its residents’ strength that wake up with a smile on their faces every day. If you’re wondering exactly why people from New Orleans are as lively and optimistic, let’s take a closer look at the city’s statistics. With the help of realtors in New Orleans LA, we summarised some of the information any potential new resident might be interested in.

New Orleans’ Real Estate Market

As the biggest city in Louisiana, New Orleans’ real estate market is a hot topic for investors and homeowners alike. Nicknamed “Big Easy” as it’s big and easy-going, New Orleans attracts new residents every day, but one of the main factors of decision when buying a new property is the price. For investors, the housing market trends are also important as they can make a difference in a profit or not. Real estate agents in New Orleans LA, will advise you in this appreciating market.


Just to get it out of the way, the median home price in New Orleans is $242,000, with a projected appreciation of 8%. Prices vary based on size, neighborhood, construction year, and so on but, unlike many other cities, New Orleans has a high percentage of homes that have been built before 1939 (34%). In regards to new homes, only around 10% have been built since 2000, which gives you an idea of the history of this city. The local realtors in New Orleans LA, often say that it’s like walking through history.

Job Market in New Orleans, Louisiana

The job market is rejuvenating currently in the city, and real estate agents in New Orleans LA, consider it a roaring start. The education and health care systems have been showing signs of growth, with around 70,000 new jobs added. In comparison, the construction industry added 44,000 new jobs as the realtors in New Orleans LA, and foresaw the housing market’s expected growth. 


While the median household income in New Orleans is at $46,000, the metropolitan area of the city is higher at $56,000. Those who find potential jobs in the health sector will enjoy a median income of $62,000, with biotech and medical districts covering a wide range of specialties. However, the construction industry is the highest paying in the city as realtors in New Orleans LA, say it pays a median income of $69,000. 


As the city continues to grow and investors come here for the many opportunities available, the job market will develop further. The local real estate agents in New Orleans Louisiana, are helping them set up shop in exceptional commercial properties in the city center, and the jobs will continue to come.

Unique Activities in New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’re looking for a place that has the parties, festivals, culture, and cuisine to satisfy any pallate, you’ve come to the right place. Realtors in New Orleans, Louisiana, can’t stop talking about how amazing their city is. If you move here, everyone you know will be jealous of you as this destination is filled with life and the joy of living.


Most of the world knows of Mardi Gras, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. One thing that has to be admired about this city is how it rose from the ashes of Katrina and managed to be reborn as a thriving cultural attraction. Many people who moved here had only visited the city once or twice and decided to make it their home saying they simply fell in love with New Orleans. 


The food fame came from a mix of different cultures, and there are around 2,200 restaurants to try. Willie Mae’s Scotch House is by far an American favorite of realtors in New Orleans LA, and Maypop Restaurant will exceed the expectations of any Asian cuisine lover. Just keep in mind that there are more than enough options available, and cocktail hour will keep you out and about well after dinner.


Whether you are walking around sightseeing or visiting some fantastic museums and art galleries, the city’s culture will follow you everywhere. As real estate agents in New Orleans Louisiana, know, culture, and the mix of cultures built this city and made it what it is today.

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