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“The Land of the Sky” must be every hikers’ dream to conquer. Due to its unique environment, there are special outdoor activities organized all year round. Are you attracted to unusual and diverse nature? Then, you will have a blast here! Nowhere else in America will you find such a scenic view variety! Contrary to its wild and rocky surroundings, the city of Asheville mirrors tranquility. It doesn't have to deal with heavy traffic. Can you imagine that? Why don’t you ask real estate agents in Asheville NC, about a quick solution for moving here? Let’s see why Asheville in North Carolina should be your number one choice to visit or even move! Why not travel to Asheville, NC, and explore the must-see tourist destinations? Get in touch with realtors in Asheville NC to find a budget-friendly apartment to rent or vacation home. Thus, you can fully recharge your batteries! It won’t take long till you start considering relocation to Asheville for good! If you entertain the idea of moving here, contact our local real estate agents in Asheville NC! They can offer you affordable housing options in the area!
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Asheville is the county seat of Buncombe County, NC. Also, the city is the center of the Asheville metropolitan area, embracing four counties. According to the 2021 census, Asheville, NC, has about 93,000 residents. Where is it to be found on the map? You will find the largest city in Western North Carolina at the Swannanoa and French Broad rivers, approximately 30 miles southeast of Tennessee. In addition, the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains, in all their glory, embrace “The Paris of the South.” (That is another neat nickname for Asheville). The chain of mountains offers the city shelter from major natural disasters. Let’s put it this way: local tourism genuinely enjoys the advantages of being surrounded by such natural beauty. You can turn to real estate agents in Asheville NC, for further information on the beautiful surroundings!

So, what to expect from Asheville as a traveler and newcomer? The metropolitan area proudly honors the preservation of its historical heritage. Still, you can see many contemporary cultural and artistic events too. Secondly, it features countless stunning opportunities to taste local dishes and brews. You can ask real estate agents in Asheville NC about must-visit restaurants in the city! Thirdly, Asheville will never run short of great pastime activities being set against a gorgeous natural backdrop. Real estate agents in Asheville North Carolina are also specialists in essential local events. Sports fanatics join up for fantastic and family-friendly summer and winter recreational activities! The local realtors in Asheville NC are sports enthusiasts willing to provide you with the best sports attractions in the region! Are you looking for a city that has retained many features from old-time courtesy? Good-natured locals treat travelers, tourists, and new homeowners with utter kindness, making them feel at home in a blink of an eye. Do you need anything more to choose this genuine wonderland? 


The housing market in Asheville is on the rise! Yearly, more people decide to relocate there, enjoying Asheville’s perks. The local realtors in Asheville NC will, by all means, find you a condo or house in the city! Buying a home in Asheville sounds excellent? Just behold its natural splendors, and you’ll never want to leave this place! Let experienced real estate agents in Asheville NC be your guide when buying a home in Asheville! At the same time, realtors in Asheville NC can most definitely assist you in selling your condo in the city! Why wouldn’t you increase your chance for a more decent profit? Realtors in Asheville NC will guide you through helpful house-refurbishment tips and property showings.  Let the top-ranked real estate agents in Asheville NC keep you afloat with financial matters too! There are hidden gems yet uncovered all over the city! Contact the local real estate agents in Asheville NC to enlighten you! 

Must-see Tourist attractions in Asheville, North Carolina

Better watch out! A fun day in Asheville, North Carolina, can quickly turn into a prolonged stay! For starters, nature enthusiasts absolutely worship the Western North Carolina Nature Center. In addition, you can practice a most healthy lifestyle, fitness, and hiking on the peaks of the neighboring Blue Ridge Mountains and The Great Smoky Mountains! To get the most bang for your buck, book a scenic cabin close to the wilderness! Moreover, these magnificent mountains host slopes for the ultimate skiing and sledding adventures. Close to the region, you’ll find the breathtaking zip-lining expeditions, offering tree-top views! Once there, be sure not to miss the North Carolina Arboretum with unique plants and trees! History calls, and you should answer it! Founded to honor the renowned author, the Thomas Wolfe Memorial sheds light on the man’s Asheville roots and impactful legacy. Plus, awesome things to do in Asheville include visiting the landscaped masterpiece Biltmore Estate. The museum hosts gardens, wineries, shops, restaurants, and plenty of rustic adventures! Downtown Asheville is another unmissable trendy spot. Visit the Pinball Museum, showcasing machines from different eras. After such a trip full of excitement, quench your thirst with first-class ales at local breweries! You can never go wrong with Asheville realtors insider advice! 

Asheville’s economy

Asheville’s economy is on the rise. The city excels in various economic aspects, such as a low unemployment rate. As of September 2021, unemployment in Asheville was 4.5 percent as opposed to the US average of 6.0%. Another evidence of a thriving local economy is an upheaval in jobs available. The Asheville Metropolitan Statistical Area has provided good soil for several US companies. And the city rose to the challenge by supplying corporations with a learned workforce and a trained influx of newcomers. Asheville industries range from science and technology, arts and culture, the healthcare system, and tourism. Additionally, local vegetables and fruit growers form an essential core of the food industry. In a nutshell, Asheville’s economy is founded on a diverse company base. The prosperous local economy shows in the countless jobs available in Asheville. Their number recently has increased by 1.6 percent. A minor downside is the city’s cost of living, which is six percent higher than the American average. Still, the average income is around $44,000, another improvement over previous years. The top-ranked realtors in Asheville NC will always bring you up-to-speed with the current local news on the job market!

Asheville’s real estate market

According to the latest housing market statistics, Asheville, NC, is quite a trendy place to move. Real estate agents in Asheville NC labeled the housing market as somewhat competitive. In September 2021, the median house price was about $400,000, which increased by 2.6 percent compared to 2020 numbers. Asheville homes sell pretty fast. On average, properties in “The Land of the Sky” receive a new owner after 44 days of it being listed in 2021. In this regard, demand has grown for the city’s real estate too. Properties in Asheville show a 35-percent-rise in price when compared to the North Carolina average. Rental units are also pricier than the state average by 12 percent. Make sure not to miss any fantastic housing offer. Get in touch with the realtors in Asheville NC today!

Is it worth moving to Asheville, North Carolina?

Now it’s a good time to invest in real estate in Asheville!  People purchase homes by 16.8 percent more than during the previous twelve months. As we pointed out earlier, the economy in Asheville is well-managed, with many flourishing businesses. For this reason, many job hunters seek out “The Paris of the North” because they find promising job opportunities. Before moving to Asheville, there were certain inconveniences to this quiet and peaceful metropolitan area, such as expensive homes. Besides, winters can get surprisingly cold on certain occasions. Unfortunately, the crime rates exceed the national average too. Nonetheless, many have opted to check this resort town (as have former US presidents) due to its attractive setting and downtown. The majestic neighboring mountains, however, constitute the primary source of fascination for Asheville! Come and explore them personally! For any additional information, please contact the experienced local realtors in Asheville NC!