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Welcome to The Garden City, Georgia’s oldest settlement, established in 1733! Savannah proudly showcases its historical heritage and targets history buffs. You can trace the ‘living history’ in Civil War and Revolutionary sites, the most magnificent antebellum structure, the Savannah College, and the River Port! Get ready to participate in the most lavish St. Patrick’s Day Parade of your life! It goes without saying Savannah also excels from countless other perspectives. There’s an indescribable charm of a bygone era to all neighborhoods (for example, the trendy Ardsley Park and Gordonston.) Many of them are dressed in Spanish moss and display a mesmerizing waterfront. Suppose you’d like to learn more about the affordable housing options in one of these communities. In that case, we recommend contacting expert local real estate agents in Savannah Georgia! Savannah’s population has been rising since 2000. The Hostess City counted about 131,000 at the turn of the century, and in 2022 their number has grown to about 150,000. Therefore, more and more house-hunters and job-seekers have discovered this wonderful city’s economic and housing potential. Why don’t you give yourself and your family a chance to live in a developed metropolitan area with unique outdoor and indoor recreational possibilities? All you have to do is get in touch with established local realtors in Savannah GA. These professional local real estate agents in Savannah GA will bring you up to speed with reasonably-priced homes to buy or rent.
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Are you interested in buying a condo, townhouse, single or multi-family home, or land in Savannah on a budget? Suppose you are a homebuyer trying to relocate here. Then, top local real estate agents in Savannah GA can help you settle in by providing you with a list of the best homes around the area. Besides, local realtors in Savannah GA, profoundly understand the local housing market and can help you find the best houses. These customer-friendly local realtors in Savannah GA will know the drill! And they are excellent price negotiators!

On the other hand, you might be fascinated with renting a low-cost apartment or home in Savannah. There are daily listings of Savannah rents available on the market. And competent local real estate agents in Savannah GA, are up-to-date with the newest properties for rent. They know their way around every neighborhood and will recommend you the best Savannah real estate for rent. 

As a home seller, you can contact top-tier local realtors in Savannah GA, who will help you sell your home. Did you know that licensed local realtors in Savannah GA are there for you to market your property? Why wouldn’t you benefit from the most extensive exposure? In addition, by working with an experienced local real estate agent in Savannah, you will sell faster and at the highest possible price. You won’t experience any stress or hassle, just quick results and the most extraordinary profit margins!

Savannah’s housing market features exceptional investment opportunities!

Right off the bat, the real estate market in Savannah offers advantageous deals for home sellers and buyers alike. Professional local real estate agents in Savannah GA pointed out that the market is moderately competitive. In other words, the housing supply and demand are relatively equal. Besides, this enables cutting a better deal! 

So without further ado, let’s explore home prices and market trends in Savannah!

Skilled local realtors in Savannah GA reported that the median home sale price was about $295,000 as of October 2022. This fact highlights an about eighteen percent increase in prices since 2021. Property prices have been steadily increasing since 2020, the highest median being about $320,000 in August 2022. Reliable local real estate agents in Savannah GA predict that average prices will stick to $300K. On average, property sells in 36 days, faster than the last year. Moreover, hot homes in Savannah receive multiple offers (four on average). They can sell slightly above the list price (by about two to five percent.) In a word, local real estate agents in Savannah GA would subscribe to the idea that not investing in a Savannah property now would be a tremendous missed opportunity!

How do local prices compare to the bigger picture? Real estate in Savannah is approximately five percent cheaper than the Georgia average and considerably more affordable than the national average. At the same time, renting a home in Savannah might cost you two percent more than the Georgia average. Thus, a downtown one-bedroom apartment for rent costs about $1,800 monthly. Alternatively, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center for $1,100.

How is the local economy in Savannah, Georgia?

Unfortunately, Savannah has accumulated quite a bad reputation in terms of its local economy. For many years, our beloved city has faced various economic challenges.

Let’s analyze its current situation and discover that reality is far from being so gloomy. In 2022, the unemployment rate in Savannah was 5.4 percent (instead of the six percent national average), a far cry from catastrophic. The good news is that the recent job growth shows definitive signs of hope. Moreover, market analysts foresee a 38 percent job growth in the next decade, a more substantial one than the American average (about 33.5 percent.) 

Let’s take the more disadvantageous aspects, shall we? A Savannah resident took home an average annual income of $20,000 the last year instead of the national average of $28,500. Besides, an individual’s median household income is also lower than the American median. However, with the ongoing revitalization of job opportunities, you have every reason to be optimistic about getting a well-paying position. On the bright side, the cost of living in Savannah is about twelve percent lower than the American average and maintains the Georgia average value. You can notice an economic upheaval also in the local poverty rate (24 percent.) Nevertheless, it’s still substantially higher than the national average of 12 percent as of 2022.

Which are the top industries in Savannah, Georgia?

The local economy centers around the following main areas. Undeniably, tourism takes the spotlight, with more than eight million visitors coming to Savannah yearly. Tourism has given way to rising tourism-related services, such as transportation, dining, lodging, and entertainment. Secondly, the Port of Savannah makes the city a significant commercial hub in Georgia. Thirdly, the military has a fair share in Savannah’s economy, with the local headquarters of Hunter Army Airfield. Did you know that more than 130 thousand civilians and military personnel serve the base? And lastly, the vast manufacturing industry, represented by around 287 manufacturers, employs cca. 18,000 locals. 

If you wish to find out more details about the promising economy, call local real estate agents in Savanna GA!

Should you give a thought to moving to Savannah, Georgia?

Living in Savannah has, indeed, many ups and downs. Local realtors in Savannah GA are at your service in addressing all your inquiries before relocation. 

Discover Savannah’s perks!

Often referred to as The Spirit of the South, Savannah is synonymous with southern hospitality and delicious cuisine. The Coastal Empire host numerous family-friendly neighborhoods with a strong sense of community. The housing market is significantly cheaper than the national average, especially if you move out of the downtown area. Besides, the local economy is behind its darkest days, with many nationally acclaimed companies establishing their regional headquarters here. 

Savannah has one of the most beautiful natural landscapes, filled with parks and green areas shaded by oak trees. The city is walkable and biker-friendly. For this reason, top-rated local real estate agents in Savannah GA recommend exploring the city without a vehicle! Suppose you’re a fan of splendid beaches to get a nice tan. In that case, we advise you to see Tybee Beach! About eighteen minutes from downtown, the beach offers plenty of mind-blowing recreational activities, colorful wildlife, and two mesmerizing flowers, azaleas and dogwood. Immerse yourself in what is known to be one of the most extraordinary Georgia communities and explore all its treasures! 

The city celebrates not only its historical roots but features vivid local artistic scenery as well. You can visit many renowned museums, such as the American Prohibition Museum, Old Fort Jackson, and the Pin Point Heritage Museum. Besides, Savannah’s cultural life is represented by first-class theaters, such as the Savannah Theater and Lucas Theater for the Arts.

The disadvantages of thriving in Savvanah

We can’t be impartial without covering Savannah’s disadvantages. Though the cost of living is more affordable than the US median, you must know that the local average salary lags behind. The relatively high poverty rate triggers a higher crime rate obtaining a 21 percent crime index (it’s safer than 21 percent of American cities.) In addition, schools aren’t the best in Georgia, with a few exceptions, such as South Effingham Middle School, Savannah Arts Academy, and Woodville-Tompkins Technical And Career High School.

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