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If you ever find yourself in Savannah, GA for a visit or decide to move there with your family there are some very interesting things that the city is famous for. Its location on the east coast of America, on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean gave it a rich and puzzling history and it is part of the reason why the city of Savannah, GA is as famous. With breathtaking coastal landscapes and well preserved architecture, there are many people who contact real estate agents in Savannah, GA to find a lovely house to move to.

Nowadays the residents of the first city in Georgia get to enjoy a relatively safe environment that is riddled with history. Some of them are unavailable in the rest of America while others make the hairs on the back of your neck rise. Just know to venture around the city of Savannah, GA with an open mind and a degree of respect for its history.

Best known things about Savannah, GA

From its early beginnings to the modern city you can see today, Savannah, GA has gathered several things that make it quite unique and a good place to live. The following are what the city is best known for today.

  1. The first city ofGeorgia 

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When General James Oglethorpe landed on the coast of Savannah, GA on February 12, 1733, was when the city was founded. It is also the first master-planned city in the U.S. That initial plan is still standing today and can be visited in the Historic District.

  1. One of the most haunted cities in the US

Talking about paranormal activities in Savannah, GA is as normal as talking about the weather. People say that there is no square foot in the city that is not haunted. Some say it might be because of the dark side of the city’s past that has Native American burial grounds below, Atlantic Slave Trade and 3 yellow fever epidemics to boost it’s ghostly inhabitants.

  1. Spared city during the Civil War

The city’s absolute beauty is said to have saved Savannah, GA from being burnt down during the Civil War. The Union General Sherman’s march towards the sea left several towns burnt to the ground (Atlanta, Charleston) and as he was approaching Savannah, GA he decided to spare the city because of its beauty. Furthermore, he wrote to President Lincoln to let him know that the city of Savannah, GA was a Christmas gift. This helped Savannah, GA maintain its amazing architecture to this day.

  1. St. Patrick’s Day

Among the first settlers in the city of Savannah, GA were several Irish people. It is why St. Paddy’s Day is the biggest holiday celebrated in Savannah. The way in which it’s celebrated could put other larger cities to shame as they hold the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in America. Because of the fact that theSavannah River is fast-moving, they can not dye it green but they do have the Forsyth Park’s Fountain.

  1. Cocktails to-go

In Savannah, GA you can take your cocktail to go if you didn’t finish your drink in the bar and want to go for a walk. Within the Historic District, it is allowed to have a to-go cup filled with your favorite alcoholic beverage while you enjoy your holiday or day off from work. 

  1. Movies

The most notable movies that were filmed or had scenes filmed in Savannah, GA are Forrest Gump and Gone with the Wind. These movies are a part of the social consciousness of our nation and you can visit those locations. While Gone with the Wind was filmed entirely in California, the sets and plantations were based on locations between Atlanta and Savannah, but Forrest Gump’s bench scene was filmed in Chippewa Square, Savannah, Georgia.


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