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Last updated: September 23, 2021 • Marketing Tips

Start blogging

As a real estate agent, over the course of your career you might find yourself thinking of ways in which you can better approach your target audience. Whether it’s buyers, sellers or just people who are interested in the real estate market, your portfolio of clients used to be limited to your direct contact lists. People that you know or that come to you directly with a property or wanting to find a property. We now live in the age of information, however, and the internet has opened up a whole new frontier that can be accessed with just one click. The internet makes it possible to reach tens, hundreds or thousands of people every day and the days when you would just sit at your desk and have people walking in your office interested in purchasing real estate are long gone. 

What is a blog?

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A blog can be used for many things, but to put it simply, a blog is a platform that can be used in order to promote. The next question is, promote what? Well … if we say anything it might sound far-fetched, but yes … anything is the correct answer. From vacation spots to cooking, from business models to DIY’s, or simply your daily experience. If you embark on a search for peculiar blogging subjects you’ll fall down the rabbit hole and be stuck there for a while. The most important thing about blogging is that it is often, when used correctly, considered as a tool to promote your brand, market, project, business, etc. It is why it is used and has been used for so many years now.

Does a blog guarantee success, you might ask? Well … unfortunately, no. A good blog however can grow into a successful business if done correctly. I want to emphasize the “grow” in that sentence as a blog needs to grow before it is in itself successful but it can help grow a business, grow a follower base, grow revenues from your core business or from the blog itself in due time. And that is how a blog should be started in 2020, and like that we’re getting to the core of this article …

Is blogging relevant in 2020?

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It is possible nowadays to purchase mostly anything online, to get access to any kinds of information and direct counseling via a video call so why would real estate be limited to face-to-face interactions? When everything is just one click away, why should real estate be any different? The answer is, it shouldn’t. 

We are all used to being bombarded with all sorts of information from media outlets, but more directly, we get information through our social media. How often has it happened that while you’re scrolling through Facebook you see an ad about a travel blog, or career counseling, or those great food blogs where you find the best kind of recipes? More often than you can count, I know. But that is no longer seen as a problem over social media, but a gateway for something so much bigger. An ad is after all, just an ad. What’s important is what’s behind it and in this case, it’s a blog. 

Now, why are we talking about blogs and why did we just mention social media for real estate agents? … it’s all connected, believe me. Afterall, the whole internet is connected in one way or another but we won’t get into that. 

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How to start blogging?

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Starting a blog is relatively simple and there’s a high chance that you met plenty of people in your life that dabbled in blogging at one point in their lives. The truth, however, is that blogging is not something that everyone is capable of doing. There are some things that you have to keep in mind once you start thinking of starting a blog if you want it to be a successful blog. 

For that particular idea, here are a few tips on how to start blogging.

1. Understanding the “WHY”

There have been many blogs out there that came to be on a whim. Some of them are still out there while others fizzled out over the first few weeks. The reason why you start a blog is very important and it is directly connected to the next tip. But first, the reasons why you start blogging can not be to make money. Monetizing a blog can happen but it won’t happen during the first week, first month and many not even during the first year. This is the first thing that one has to understand. There are many videos, blog posts or even bloggers out there who talk about how to start a blog and directly talk about making revenue out of a blog. Explaining how to start blogging while listing monetization as one of the steps is unfair because it creates false expectations. This might lead to understanding that blogging can make you rich in a short period of time and this is untrue.

The reason why someone decides to start blogging is more personal than people think. For some it is the simple need for a creative outlet, while for others it is a way to showcase their hobby. Blogging is often used as a way to promote a business in a more informal and relatable way. Once you have the “why” you can go to the next step.

2. Find a niche and the concept

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When you know why you want to start blogging you should also know what you want to blog about. That is why I mentioned that they often go hand-in-hand. Let’s put it simple. You decide to start a blog because you want to share your poetry as you are passionate about poetry and you want people to be able to access it. It’s that simple.

Finding a niche is directly related to the concept of your blog. What do you want to post on your blog? What are you passionate about? What is something that you can do for fun for years without getting anything back from it? That is the tough question. Do you have something that you are so passionate about that you would like to blog about it for months or years without getting anything in return? Blogging is supposed to be about something that you are passionate about.

Some examples:

  • I like cooking, I’ll start a cooking blog;
  • I like photography, I’ll start a blog where I share my photography;
  • I like real estate, I’ll start a blog about real estate.

This is where you dig deep within yourself and explore your niche. Once you find something that motivates you enough to come up with 50 blog topics then you know you found your concept.

As a real estate agent with some years of experience you could start blogging and share that experience. There are many people out there who look for information related to the real estate market and you could let them in on a few secrets from the life of a real estate agent. This might be information about a city that is otherwise unavailable to them. Things to do in a city, the overall feel of a neighborhood or economical insight of what living in a city might mean for the family’s expenses. There is a lot of information to share and by sharing this information you can connect to a market while also building a follower base. 

You should also find a way to stand out in your particular niche, shine brighter than others, and offer a different perspective.

3. Start Blogging

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Once you have overcome the first two tips the actual work begins. You need to create your blog. For this, some turn to buying a domain name and creating a blog or buying a template for their new blog. Both are a viable option but it will cost money from day one. There are, however, many platforms that can host your blog for free or for some affordable costs. The most known are: WordPress, Blogger and Wix, which are free (wordpress and wix give free templates for blogs, but if you want something more unique you can have it for a certain fee) or Squarespace and even Tumblr. You now get to pick a design for your blog, a name (you can use name generator sites – quite fun too) and start posting.


About the posts. There are some things to keep in mind. For a blog to get a follower base it needs to earn trust. Even in every day interactions there are some things that make a person more trustworthy. Truth, Consistency and Quality. These three things are as important in the blogging world as it is in the real world. Share your truth while posting (don’t be fake or polished, be yourself), be consistent about posting (if you make a post today, the next tomorrow and then you’re inactive for a couple of weeks you can lose followers) and make sure that what you post is quality content – your post won’t be perfect from the first go, but you would want to strive for the best that you can at that moment and also evolve in time.

4. Get Social

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While blogging itself can be used as a way to promote a brand, company or idea, it can (and should) in turn be promoted. You can either share the content of your blog on your own social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, LinkedIn) or create a social media account for your blog. The first option might cause some problems as not everyone on your social media wants to see your posts all the time in their feed, but if you create a social media account for the blog itself then you will attract a more interested audience.  

Share posts, promote your blog as much as you can. That is how you can build an audience and a follower base. There are also communities that you can join to discuss blogging, learn more about your niche and get in touch with people that are active in the same platform.

5. Have Fun

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Of course you should have fun. Isn’t the ideal situation to enjoy yourself while you do something that you’re passionate about? If you like the real estate market and you also enjoy writing, a blog might be the perfect combination between the two. As long as you enjoy what you are doing, as they say, the sky’s the limit and you have no idea where it might lead you. Putting passion into a project like this can be the difference between an okay blog and a great blog. A great blog, in time, can build your business, your brand and, yes, even your revenue. In time you might even find yourself thinking about monetization and adding affiliate marketing to your blog as well as selling your expertise on the subject through courses online.

Most Profitable Niches

Based on revenues that were recorded during certain months by certain blogs with years of activity the most profitable blogging niches are as follows:

  • Business & Marketing – $167,000/month
  • Personal Finance – $160,000/month
  • Food – $75,000/month
  • Travel – $26,000/month
  • DIY & Home Decor – $22,000/month
  • Fashion & Beauty – $18,000/month
  • Health & Fitness – $9,000/month
  • Lifestyle – $9,000/month


Blogging is an interesting concept that can be used greatly in order to promote your business as long as it is used correctly. There are many people out there thinking that blogging will make them rich in a few months time and that kind of belief isn’t realistic. While a blog can generate a profit those are relative exceptions not rules and anyone who decides to start a blog should understand that. From The Official Real Estate Agent Directory® we wish you the best of luck in this new enterprise and share your blog once you get it up and running. We’d love to take a look.

Let us know in the comments below if you intend to start a blog, you might get some excited followers or if you are interested in becoming a part of a blogging community. Like & Share with friends and family who are also thinking of starting a blog and don’t know where to begin.


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