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Located between Jacksonville, FL, and Charleston, SC, right on the border between Georgia and South Carolina where the land meets the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Savannah, GA charms its residents. There are many things in Savannah, GA that make it a good place to live, but not everything is affected by that southern charm.

Cost of living

Before you relocate to Savannah, GA you should know that the cost of living is affordable. Real estate is particularly less expensive than the rest of the country and state as well. The median home value in Savannah, GA is around 25% less costly than the median price for a home in Georgia. Currently, with a quick Zillow search we get the median house price of $164,000 in Savannah, GA whereas in Georgia, the median home price is $203,000. The cost for utilities is the same as the state average, but everything else is more affordable than what you see around Georgia. Overall, the cost of living in Savannah, GA is 10% lower than the national average.

All around analysis

There is a very friendly atmosphere around Savannah, GA as it is considered the Hostess City of the South and you also have to take into account that Southern Hospitality. There are many family-friendly activities having a diverse variety of things to do in Savannah, GA that will keep your free time filled with activities. The city of Savannah is known to have friendly neighbors, especially in the residential neighborhoods. Because of its affordability, it is also considered a great place for retirees and also, young couples consider it a very romantic destination because of the weather, great beaches and historical aspects of this town. For families with children, while the public school system is not among the best in the county, the private institutions receive top ranks as well as a wide variety of colleges and universities. Just get in touch with real estate agents in Savannah, GA if you are interested in relocating to this wonderful historic city.

There is, however, something to keep in mind about Savannah, GA. While the statistics did stagnate or improve in regard to criminality, it is still something to be wary of. Like most other cities, Savannah, GA has some neighborhoods that are considered safe, while others are places where you wouldn’t want to wind up after nightfall. Try not to walk alone after dark and go into areas where there are other people and are well lit.


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