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The city of Bentonville AR

Nested at the foothill of the Ozarks mountains is the beautiful city of Bentonville AR, a city that withstood the test of time, and now stands out as one of the four main cities of Northwest Arkansas’s Metropolitan Area. The architectural beauty and cultural richness of Bentonville AR are undeniable, and the flourishing art scene is something all visitors coming to Arkansas should witness.

Not only known for being the city where Walmart supermarket chain was born but also praised for its food, art, music, and history. The city boasts with residents and visitors, making Bentonville AR a good place to live and a treasure of Northwest Arkansas waiting to be discovered.

The art and culture of Bentonville AR is something you should look forward to, and aside from that, here are some of the things we love about the city and some facts you should know about the city of Bentonville AR.

The weather in Bentonville Arkansas

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 If you are wondering what kind of climate you can expect to find in Bentonville Arkansas, here is what you can expect. Bentonville has a humid subtropical climate that is strongly influenced by the humid continental climate type. Therefore, the city of Bentonville Arkansas experiences all four seasons.

Summers are hot and muggy in Bentonville Arkansas, and during the hot season, you can expect temperatures reaching an average high of 90 degrees and dropping to an average low of 69 degrees. The hot season lasts for about 3.4 months and it is usually during the months of June through September that you can expect such temperatures.

The cold season starts at the end of November, and usually lasts until the end of February. The city of Bentonville experiences cold and partly cloudy winters. The cold season brings temperatures that can reach an average low of 28 degrees and average highs of 46 degrees.

Overall, in the city of Bentonville, you can experience all the elements, from rain and snow to wind and hot, sunny days. This mix creates the beautiful landscape of Bentonville since it is located at the foothills of the Ozark mountains and you can really enjoy the outdoors in a unique way. Every season is unique and the weather in Bentonville AR definitely enhances the area and gives it an unique charm.

The population of Bentonville AR

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How many people actually get to enjoy Bentonville’s AR weather? About 51,000 residents along with many more tourists that visit the area each year, enjoy the rainless days in mid-May to late September, when tourist numbers peak. About 11% of Bentonville’s population was born outside of the city and about 89% of the population are citizens.

The population of Bentonville AR, as far as the racial composition goes, consists of mostly caucasian residents. About 80% are caucasian residents, followed up by Asian and Hispanic residents which are the three most common ethnic groups in Bentonville. As you can see there is not a lot of diversity in Bentonville AR, but the city enjoys quite a bit of attention from tourists.

The median age of Bentonville’s population is around 34 years and this shows that young couples and families prefer to live in the city of Bentonville AR. However, the median age has increased over the past few years so the city might experience a demographic shift. 

However, Bentonville is still a very prosperous city that attracts more people each year, so the population is expected to grow even further. Looking at Bentonville’s priceless history we can see how a small farming community of 30 residents became the home of the world’s largest retailer with more than 50,000 residents today and still growing.

Things to do in Bentonville AR

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There certainly are both pros and cons to living in Bentonville AR, but when it comes to attractions and things to do, Bentonville certainly doesn’t disappoint. The city holds some amazing museums and art exhibitions that will leave you speechless, and you will find yourself spending hours trying to cover some of what there is to see and visit in Bentonville AR.

This is the town where the most renowned supermarket chain, Walmart started its journey. Not only that but they also have a museum where you could revisit some of Walmart’s history. The Walmart Museum is located on Main Street and it is a great place where you can revisit Walmart’s history and get to see Sam Walton’s office along with many more interesting fragments of Walmart’s history.

Sam Walton is the founder of the company, and it all started with the five-and-dime store, which is now a museum in Bentonville Square and a testament to Sam’s success. He managed to give birth to one of the largest retail corporations in the world, and the birth of Walmart significantly impacted the rise of Bentonville in the years to come.

There is also the Crystal Bridges Museum, an outstanding complex that celebrates American art by mixing it with the beauty of nature. The architecture along with the impressive art collection is breathtaking and the museum’s name comes from a nearby natural spring along the incorporated bridge that was designed by Moshe Safdie, a renowned architect. The exhibits cover more than five centuries of American masterworks from the Colonial era up until the current day. The museum also has a restaurant on a glass-enclosed bridge that overlooks the ponds for a great dining experience and amazing views.

Other attractions include Bentonville’s Brewing Company near Downtown Bentonville, where you can have a pint of great-tasting beer. There’s also the Museum of Native American History, where you are invited to walk through America’s past and then there’s Bentonville Town Square where you can find plenty of nice spots to eat and hang out as well.

Living in Bentonville Arkansas

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We have already covered many of the things that make the city of Bentonville Arkansas a great place to visit and some statistical details about the city and its residents. But, what about living in Bentonville Arkansas? How safe is the city of Bentonville, what are the costs of living and how expensive is the housing market?

The city of Bentonville has seen rapid growth in the population over the past few years, and that is also thanks to the job opportunities and low costs of living. Does that make the city of Bentonville a good place to live? For many it does, and Bentonville is known for having low gas prices along with an inexpensive housing market.

With a median home price of about $250,000, the housing market is quite accessible for many people. If you can’t afford to purchase right away you probably should consider renting or consider looking for home options in Bentonville that are priced below the median home value. The population growth most certainly contributed to the rising prices of the housing market, but the pandemic might’ve impacted the real estate market, so this might not be a bad time to look for housing. 

However, make sure you contact one of the realtors in Bentonville AR for more details about the current situation of the housing market in Bentonville AR. They will inform you about the average home price in Bentonville AR and will be able to point out some of the best neighborhoods around.

In terms of safety, the city of Bentonville has impressively low crime rates thanks to a number of undergoing crime reduction programs. This makes it a safe haven where you don’t really need to worry about crimes and as there are only about 2 incidents reported per 1,000 residents.

As far as education goes, there are quite a few top-rated schools in Bentonville AR. Willowbrook Elementary School is one of them, along with J. William Fulbright and Lincoln Junior High School. Bentonville also has Northwest Arkansas Classical Academy and Haas Hall Academy which are some of their top high schools. So if you are looking for a family-friendly environment, with good educational opportunities, a prosperous economy and job market, Bentonville is the place for you.

The real estate market of Bentonville AR

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Over the past years, the city has been under continuous development, and more people migrate to the area, increasing the population and the housing demand. From 2020 to 2021, the median home price increased by about $30,000, which is excellent news for property owners in the area and investors. Currently, the median home price stands at around $280,0000, and the trend continues to go upwards.

About 45% of homes on the market are valued between $125,000 and $250,000 followed by 21% of homes valued between $250,000 to $370,000. The homeownership rate is close to 55%, but there are plenty of renters in Bentonville as well. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is currently at around $1,100, and it has experienced an increase of about 4% compared to the previous year. 

Bentonville’s housing market is predominantly populated with single-family homes, and they constitute close to 66% of the total amount of housing options in the area. Apartment complexes are next with 18% of the total amount, and townhomes only constitute 7% of Bentonville’s residential real estate market.
Bentonville’s real estate market trends for 2021 indicate a significant increase in the next few years, which is excellent news for any real estate investor in the area. Long-term investments could generate a high return with the appreciation of the real estate market, and with the ongoing development in Bentonville, many more will relocate here.


All together, Bentonville is a place full of wonders that has so much to offer for both residents and visitors. It is the northwest gem of Arkansas that awaits to be explored and admired for its beauty as well as its vibrant community. Immerse yourself in the rich culture, history, and architecture of Bentonville if you want to see how it became what it is today. Explore the majestic nature throughout the city located at the foothills of the Ozark mountains and on top of everything have as much fun as possible.

If you love what you learned about the city of Bentonville AR, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section and tell us about your experience in this city


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