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Last updated: January 27, 2022 • Marketing Tips

Creating a Plan to Sell Your Home

Does the size of your current home satisfy you? Is your work too far from your house, and the idea of commuting just sickens you? Do you miss your family or friends because you live off the grid? Perhaps, you wish you had more artistic and cultural events to choose from? Relocation has many reasons yet; hopefully, it will end up in improving your living conditions.

If one of your goals is to sell your home this year, it’s a good idea to create a plan. In most cases, those who are looking to buy might first have to sell. Creating a plan eases the process and makes everything more efficient.

Let’s embark on a mental journey to figure out these essential aspects before actually selling your home. And, let’s ensure your sale goes through!

Spend money to make money!

Paradoxically, you might want to unearth specific financial resources because selling a property requires money from you too. One of the first things to consider when beginning the home-selling process is your budget. In other words, how much money will you put into preparing your home for potential home buyers, and how much does it cost for closing and moving expenses? 

Home refurbishments will do the trick

Home renovations are a must, and as such, you must invest in them; it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. The lending institution or a potential buyer can and will send a house inspector to your place to evaluate its overall condition. If a home inspection discloses that your house has been exposed to damage without ever being satisfyingly refurbished, your property’s value goes down the drain! Not to mention that an old house with a new facelift will sell like hotcakes!

For this reason, we highly recommend you consider the fundamental areas to renovate before selling your house.

Upgrade to be trendy!

elegant kitchen dining room

Let’s discuss additional, albeit not mandatory, expenses to increase the value of your property. There is a new vocal niche in town, fierce house hunters chasing aesthetically pleasing real estate and smart ones. Before you would furiously express your discontent with another source of expenses, hear us out. 

Eco-friendly lighting & heating devices, water-efficient faucets do not call for a super budget on your behalf. You can upgrade certain aspects of your home with sustainable and budget-friendly devices. Oldies, but goldies; your old home can learn new tricks! Therefore, you can certainly increase the chances of getting the right price by adding extra & innovative features to your property’s portfolio.

Provide a mini-budget for an open house or virtual tour!

Imagine foreigners coming over to your house. Everybody is quick to jump to conclusions based on mere appearances. Avert bad mouthing and prepare for the worst in time! The home buying process is complex, especially for open-house guests who may be first-time home buyers. Subjectively speaking, your household may feel cozy and intimate, but when selling a home, it is important to make buyers think that way as well. 

Invest in an open house!

entrance hallway cabinet view

Spending some money on the presentation of your home will allow buyers to get that homey feeling that makes them decide to put in an offer. A genuine artform emerged around the concept of open house presentations. All you have to do is contact a real estate agent to learn how to optimize your open house. Among other fascinating suggestions, they will tell you about certain scents that attract home buyers, motivating them to close the deal. In addition, we suggest you clear the clutter, hire professional cleaners, and invest in front and back yard facelifts with flowers and other eye-catching details.

Virtual tours are the new deal!

Since the pandemic kicked in, open houses are no longer fashionable to the same extent as in the past. Virtual tours, screenings, the 3D presentation took their place to maintain health regulatory rules. Budgeting often includes hiring a professional, but rarely will you have to pay extra for adequate video equipment. 

Your realtor might advise you to apply the “vanilla box technique.“ The term covers you preparing an almost naked house, with white walls and no furniture, whatsoever, to leave the experience of living in your home entirely to the buyers’ imagination. The proper realization of this procedure also requires money spent on having your walls painted white and possibly renting a storage unit.  

Figure out the expenses

beautiful woman reads documents

It is also essential to consider the budget for packing and moving belongings in the household to your new place of residence. Unless the home will be sold with furniture included, consider budgeting for moving expenses with the help of a rental truck. In rare cases, you have to move out faster than expected, or potential buyers are coming over, and you will have to improvise. A storage unit for preventive measures and quick helping hands is a necessity by all means.  

Expectations When Selling

Selling a home can become stressful when unrealistic expectations are involved.  There are many factors to consider that could alter the course of the selling process. Understanding that the process may take longer than expected is fundamental. Many home buyers and sellers set unrealistic time frames when they list their real estate on the market. Half-baked expectations add an unnecessary strain on an already tedious process.  

In addition, you should be more flexible on the financial value you receive for your house when you are mentally preparing to sell it. Expect that your home may not sell at the asking price. Discuss the matter with a real estate agent to understand more about setting a realistic goal. Buyers typically walk into an open house or speak to a realtor and begin bargaining their potential new home price. Everyone is looking for a deal when home-buying, so be prepared to negotiate when necessary.

Also set a time limit, after which you are willing to lower the price. That is if the real estate market is slow or completely crashed. 

Current Market

When selling a home, everyone will speculate and try to predict the million-dollar question; How much will this home be sold for? The house may have many modern upgrades, or it may be more traditional. Ultimately, what really matters is the current market state in which the house is being sold. If the market value for homes in the area has gone up, there is a good chance that your home could sell for a higher than average price, a phenomenon called a hot seller’s market. 

What to watch out for in a hot seller’s market?

sold real estate sign

Property sellers may believe that a hot real estate market implies quick and easy money for their house. After all, a hot seller’s market means reduced property availability paired with many purchasers seeking the real deal. In many cases, a hot market means a speedier sale at or over the asking price. Nonetheless, you should know several drawbacks before getting the money as a property seller in a hot market. Essentially, you will have to sell your home quickly!

Firstly, you have to have your house ready to rumble. Explicitly, your home should be in tip-top condition, with all renovations completed and in a visitor-friendly shape. Secondly, the property paperwork must be in order & ready to sign. Thirdly, get in touch with and hire a professional real estate agent, even if it comes at a price. Ultimately, be prepared to relocate promptly. Consequently, you must have a contingency plan and funds to cover the expenses for every possible scenario.

On the other hand, it may be harder to sell at an average price if the market value decreases. It is crucial to speak with a real estate agent about this topic and research listings in the area to become more aware of realistic selling prices for your home. You might even re-consider or postpone selling your home.

Start hunting for your Next Home!

online real estate search home

When selling a home, remember the next step: your next purchase. There are just as many things to take into account when buying a home as there are for selling one. Although, at this point, you may be more experienced with the process. 

Begin looking for homes as soon as possible. As with selling a home, buying a home does not always happen when planned. Deals may fall through or there may be a higher bidder on the home of your dreams. Paying cash for a house might favor you as opposed to a mortgage. In any case, be prepared with more than one choice or option for the future.


The gist of this article is to shed light upon the often overlooked aspects of home selling. Obviously, you can sell your property without ever investing a dime in such things as house remodeling, open house expenses, removal costs, and smart home devices. Still, if we may add, your chances to make a profit can seriously falter. 

The bottom line is that, in our experience, the more you are lenient towards additional expenses provided to your current house, the more return you will end up with. We will keep our fingers crossed that you close with success!

Would you be willing to invest money in your current home before moving out? Please share your opinion on this matter in the comment section below! And, as always, come back for more articles on house finances!

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