What Is The Cost Of Living In Bentonville Arkansas ?

Answer for "What is the cost of living in Bentonville Arkansas ?"

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Bentonville has recently come to national attention due to its situation in Northwestern Arkansas, one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. But what is the cost of living in Bentonville? Does its boom in population mean that Bentonville is a good place to live or is living here going to take too large of a chunk out of your savings to justify a move here? Let’s find out! 

How much does it cost to live in Bentonville AR?

Fortunately, the cost of living in Bentonville is actually quite low. The cost of basic necessities is lower than average, as fuel, utilities, housing and food all come at a price more bearable than the national average. Let’s go over the cost of each of these in turn. 

Fuel costs in Bentonville Arkansas

Fuel costs in Bentonville are low, at a cool two dollars and thirty cents a gallon for standard 87 octane gasoline. Diesel is a little bit more costly at around two dollars and sixty cents on average, but given how much more fuel-efficient diesel fuel vehicles are, this will likely balance out in the end. 

Housing costs in Bentonville AR

Realtors in Bentonville AR are telling us that regardless of whether you’re buying or renting Bentonville AR has excellent housing prices. The average home price for a mid-sized home is around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000), although luxury homes will obviously cost you quite a bit more. If you are looking for a less expensive home in Bentonville don’t hesitate and find a real estate agent to help you buy your dream house at a better price.

Renting is also lower than the national average, with the median monthly home rental prices hovering around a thousand dollars a month($1,000), on average. This may seem steep, but if you don’t need a lot of space there are plenty of other offerings that will be easier on your wallet.

Food costs in Bentonville Arkansas

Food in Bentonville AZ is also priced inexpensively, with basic necessities like eggs, milk and meat all coming at lower than average prices. Fresh produce is also fairly inexpensive, as are fresh baked goods and other assorted foods. 

Utility costs in Bentonville AR

With such a temperate climate, residents of Bentonville do not pay too much for utilities. Electric bills are lower due to the lack of a pressing need for excessive indoor heating and cooling. This being the case, the bulk of the utility bill for most Bentonville residents will usually be for water, sewage and garbage removal. 

Overall, Bentonville has an exceptionally low cost of living. In Bentonville, those with limited funds will find themselves able to live more inexpensively than they would be able to in most other cities in the United States.


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