Is Bentonville Arkansas A Good Place To Live ?

Definition of "Is Bentonville Arkansas a good place to live ?"

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Bentonville Arkansas is a sunny little town in northwestern Arkansas. Nestled in the center of Benton county, Bentonville is in one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States. Why is this area growing so fast? There are several answers to this question. Among these answers are the availability of work in the area, the rapidly growing real estate market, and the temperate climate. So let’s answer the question: is Bentonville a good place to live? Let’s find out!

Weather in Bentonville AZ

Bentonville has an exceptionally temperate climate, with average highs rarely breaking ninety degrees Fahrenheit (90F), and lows seldom dipping below 48 degrees Fahrenheit (48F). Humidity is also negligible, which makes the weather feel even more pleasant than it already does. This allows residents of Bentonville Arizona to partake in outdoor activities year-round.

So what can you do to take advantage of this temperate weather in Bentonville? Well, Bentonville has a variety of things that will keep you busy during every season. With hiking trails, state parks, sports clubs, and a vibrant nightlife scene, Bentonville has a little something for everyone. 

Real estate market in Bentonville AZ

Housing costs in Bentonville have shot up dramatically in the past couple of years, as the population increases at a rate never seen before in Northwestern Arkansas. But is this the only reason Bentonville has been experiencing this real estate boom? Not at all! 

Bentonville is a great place to live in. While prices have increased recently, the average home price in Bentonville is still lower than the national median, so the housing market is accessible to lower-income families as well as those with more financial resources. Reaching out to one of the many top-ranked real estate agents in Bentonville AR will get you the price you want. Bentonville also has a highly accessible job market, with many readily available jobs in many different professions. There are many diverse job postings available, both for those with experience and those without. 

If you have a family, Bentonville is the perfect place for you. Crime rates are low, with most of the crime that occurs being property crimes rather than violent crimes. The education system is good, with well-funded schools, excellent facilities, and well-paid teachers. Your kids will also have plenty of opportunities to stay healthy and in good shape. 

By now, you’ve probably gathered that Bentonville is, in fact, a great place to live, from economic, social and financial points of view. So what’s stopping you? Come check it out!


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