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The Official Real Estate Agent Directory® features a list of the top realtors in Bentonville Arkansas that provide professional help for homebuyers and home sellers. Bentonville is a beautiful town in northwest Arkansas in the foothills of the rugged but beautiful Ozark mountain range. In addition to its location in this picturesque Ozarks, any of the realtors in Bentonville AR will tell you that this is a great place to buy or rent real estate! Real estate prices are excellent, and the real estate market is red hot. Fortunately, there are plenty of top-ranked real estate agents in Bentonville AR, and buying a house is easier than rolling off a log. There are many reasons why Bentonville is simply a great place to live. Case in point: its low cost of living! Everything in Bentonville, from fuel to utilities to food is significantly less costly than in many other places in the country. In keeping with this theme of affordability, houses are also highly affordable and one of the many real estate agents in Bentonville AR will happily show you properties bearing a price tag of around $250,000 or less, with some priced as low as $100,000. Bentonville offers a variety of cultural attractions, shopping, and dining options. The square is the heart of Bentonville, and from museums to great restaurants, the area provides you with all the means to enjoy your free time out either by yourself or with family. From bike trails and parks that are great for outdoor activities to the Crystal Bridge Museum of American Art, where you can admire art, the city is filled with attractions and things to do. Find good realtors in Bentonville AR, to help you relocate and enjoy this fantastic community. If you are interested in moving to the city, you’ll need to find the top-ranked local realtors in Bentonville AR. Fortunately, you can do that right here, on our directory page by browsing through our list of real estate agents in Bentonville AR! Once you’ve found your ideal real estate agent, you’ll be well on your way to making your home in this beautiful Ozark paradise!
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There are a ton of reasons why you might be considering a move to Bentonville; maybe it’s the readily available jobs, or maybe it’s the fast-growing real estate market in the area. Whatever the case may be, you are sure to find what you’re looking for in the beautiful city of Bentonville! 

Real estate prices in Bentonville, Arkansas

Bentonville is home to one of the hottest yet most accessible real estate markets in the United States, this makes it very lucrative to be among the top real estate agents in Bentonville AR. A number of different factors drives this market; let’s look at a few! 


Home prices increase by the year, and the housing market in the area is very tempting for potential real estate investments. Long-term investments could yield a high return on investment as the year-over-year increase in the past points to a positive future trend. You can get in touch with real estate agents in Bentonville AR, to learn more about the housing market trends and potential investment opportunities. 


Bentonville’s median home value stands at around $280,000, and the average rent is approximately $1,100. With a price per square foot of over $180, the current situation of the real estate market in the area favors sellers, and the inventory is scarce, with a vacancy rate of only 6.4%. If you reach out to realtors in Bentonville AR you can learn more about the area's growth and determine if it suits you to buy or invest in the housing market.


One of the main factors of the housing boom is the fast-growing job market in Bentonville. Jobs are readily available in Bentonville Arkansas; in fact, they’re one of the fastest-growing job markets in the country. Bentonville offers everyone a job, whether they are a specialist or not. There is a demand for real estate agents in Bentonville AR, bankers, retail workers, and every line of work in between! 


One of these careers, particularly that of real estate is especially popular and an excellent career for ambitious individuals looking to make something of themselves. Realtors in Bentonville AR are well paid and for those that are particularly driven, there is no shortage of demand for housing, so you won’t have to look far for work! 


Bentonville also has excellent median pay rates. The average working adult in Bentonville makes an average wage of around $35,000 a year. This is significantly higher than the national average of roughly $29,000. This leads to the next point, which is the exceptionally low cost of living in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Cost of living in Bentonville, Arkansas

The cost of living in Bentonville is exceptionally low. Housing, utilities, food, fuel and virtually all other essentials and commodities are all priced comparatively low when considering the average wage. This low cost of living makes Bentonville a great place to live if you have a limited income or are seeking to save money by living frugally. 


The average cost of a house in Bentonville is around $260,000, which is lower than the national median. This may seem expensive to those with lower incomes, but never fear; there are plenty of cheaper options available if $260,000 is too far above your price range. 

Additionally, financing is widely available at comparatively low interest rates, and those with limited financial means can avail themselves of housing without being forced to rent or save up for long periods of time. This makes it very easy from those of all walks of life to acquire housing in Bentonville. Any of the many top real estate agents in Bentonville AR can help you find a housing solution here at an affordable price.


Another great thing about buying a home and living in Bentonville AR is the inexpensive price tag that utilities carry. Because of its exceptionally temperate climate, Bentonville is fortunate to have mild winters and cool summers. This means that heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer is less expensive than it would be in hotter or cooler areas. This may not seem like a big deal, but it makes a huge difference. 

Raising a family in Bentonville, Arkansas

Bentonville also happens to be a great place to raise a family! Bentonville has a great list of qualities that make it perfect for raising a family in. Low crime rates, good schools and available jobs all mean one thing: Bentonville is a great place to bring up your kids! 


The educational potential of the area is reflected in the highly-rated public schools. With A graded elementary schools and middle schools and A+ rated high schools, Bentonville AR educational system is among the best in the state. Their top-rated school districts and family-friendly amenities make it a great place to live as a family.


Whether you have a large or small family, you’re sure to enjoy the security and comfort that living in Bentonville assures. Additionally, your kids are sure to enjoy the mild climate that provides them with opportunities to participate in sports all year long. With the help of real estate agents in Bentonville AR, you can find a neighborhood that allows for short commutes to and from school along with a family-friendly community for you and your kids to grow a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Is Bentonville becoming the new headquarters of Walmart?

Bentonville is also the birthplace of Walmart, and while many other great companies forget about their humble beginnings, it is not the case for Bentonville. Walton Family Foundation just funded a large development project that will be one of Bentonville’s largest expansion projects ever. Moving Walmart’s headquarters back to its birthplace is a big move, and you can imagine the positive impact it is going to have on the city's growth. If you were planning to relocate to Bentonville AR, now is the time. Get in touch with realtors in Bentonville AR, and find out more about the housing options available in the area.


With Walmarts involvement and the latest area development, Bentonville has grown from a farming community into one of Arkansas’s most beloved cities. Real estate agents in Bentonville AR will tell you how much of an impact it had on the housing market, and with their help, you can even become a resident. 


Many are excited about the new development project that will create hundreds of job opportunities for residents and improve the area’s touristic potential. The vast campus will provide plenty of trails and green areas while encouraging more people to commute to work by foot or bike. Promoting local businesses will also be part of the expansion project as restaurants and coffee shops will be located along these trails.

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