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Waterfront Properties With River Access

Why would people want to live by the river? Seriously?! I can’t think of any reasons to insist on looking for a riverside property. That’s complete sarcasm in case you missed it. The only possible downside to living by the river would be mosquitos, but this isn’t Asia so a few well planned trees should fix those little pests.

Humanity began living by the rivers long before it was considered a luxury or whim. In the past it had the benefit of clean running water, the stuff of life, and that’s why so many communities and towns grew on river banks or by the sea, but let’s not digress. Also, water adds value to your house, not only from an aesthetic point of view but also monetary. A fish tank or a water curtain in your living room raises the price of any property.As human beings we like water and everything that it can offer, be it a glass to plenish our thirst or a place where you can swim, do water sports or just take in the sun in all its glory while the river’s song eases all the stress away.

The question should be, why wouldn’t people want to live by the river? There are many reasons to convince even the most sky-scraper loving … person – I’m trying to be nice – that having a property by the river is nothing short of an oasis in its own way. Riverfront properties are a great asset for everyone who wants fresh air, a great life, a simpler life and plenty of options for family activities. Bringing up your children with access to a riverfront property, even if only for the weekends, is a dream, really. But wait … you can  also purchase a riverfront property as a second home that can be used for vacation rentals or airbnb

Riverfront property for sale

It can be a bargain or a steal but let’s just get to know better what we have to look for. It’s not strictly necessary to dive in a river from your front – or back – porch. Even a house that’s a short distance away from the water can provide plenty of benefits in regards to water activities and such. The budget varies and the location also varies. It really depends on where you are, where you intend to move to, the area that interests you and why you want to live there. There’s really no point to go on and on about the Mississippi if you’re by the Hudson. Make a list of places that you’re willing to relocate to and see if any of them fall into the next options. We’ll cover both big and small towns in order to give a bigger picture of what life by the river can offer you.

Riverfront Properties for sale in Texas

guadalupe river texas

The big D and the lovely New Braunfels are the two opposites of the spectrum in Texas. 

The city of Dallas has it all. Sports, entertainment, great living and job security in the tech hub. If you wish to live by the water there are options close to the Trinity River that are amazing for hiking trails, running or paddling. Looking for a riverfront property for sale in Texas is a two sided blade in Dallas as there are many lots available but also single-family homes. Prices for riverfront properties vary, ranging from $300,000 all the way up to 2 million dollars. The median home price typically is in the neighborhood of $225,000, but realtors in Dallas will be able to guide you towards the perfect riverfront property. 

In New Braunfels you can look around the Comal or the Guadalupe rivers. This small town is one of the most popular in the state. Here you also have Schlitterbahn, the #1 waterpark in the country. Gristmill is a popular restaurant that is also the oldest dance hall in Texas. The German charm will make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Prices go from $200,000 towards more than $1,500,000 but they vary on size and amenities, the median home price is $273,500. When looking for a riverfront property for sale in Texas, you’ll find many options available in New Braunfels and the rivers include various activities. Rafting, tubing and even the Landa Park.

Riverfront Properties for sale in California

Kernville and Nevada City are both small towns. This is one of the states where we went only for small towns. Why? Because Sacramento is more of an ocean side city than a riverfront town. For large towns in California there are both Sacramento and Los Angeles if you’re looking for an ocean view. We’ll stick to riverfront properties for the sake of the article. You can also take a look at what the real estate agents in Riverside, CA have to say about their area.

Off the South Yuba River, you’ll find Nevada City.  One of the smallest cities and most fun destinations in the Sierra foothills. The best selling point for Nevada City is the Yuba River. With trout fishing, kayaking, cliff diving and hiking all on one menu, the Yuba River with the Independence Trail gives the best options available. If you’re looking for a riverfront property for sale in California, look no further as Nevada City has great bungalows for holiday renters or custom made houses in the middle of the forest with amazing little rivers all around to choose from. Prices vary from $300,000 to $1,000,000; it only depends on the level of luxury that you want. The median home price is $463,500.

In Kernville you have luxurious estates next to the river. Here you just might find the riverfront property for sale in California that you’ve been looking for. Rafting, hiking, tubing and an amazing view for fishing, the Kern River has quite the spectacle to offer by the snowmelt stream from Mount Whitney. The amazing scenery in this small Sierra Nevada valley hearkens back to the Wild West, and will take your breath away. If you’re looking for a riverfront property for sale in California, Kernville is a gem in every sense of the word. With prices between the range of $150,000 and over $1,000,000 you should start browsing right away for your holiday hideaway. The median home price is $219,000. 

Riverfront Properties for sale in Colorado

the river of lost souls

The best places to find a riverfront property for sale in Colorado are Salida and Durango. Even the names sound epic. Salida is a place that is meant to be kept a secret but we’re gonna spill the beans on this one. Beauty should be shared not hogged. With a population exceeding 5,200, the Arkansas River makes Salida the perfect location for rafting, kayaking, fly-fishing and much more. If Browns Canyon, DVK Expeditions – the best whitewater rafting company in Colorado – or FIBArks – the oldest whitewater festival in the U.S. – isn’t enough for you, then look again in winter. Salida turns into a ski town as the Monarch Mountain is the other best kept secret of the area. The uncrowded slopes are affordable and they provide the best view. Whether you like to live by the mountain or by the river, Salida has the best riverfront properties for sale in Colorado. For a riverfront property, the prices vary between $350,000 – $2,400,000. The median home price is $406,000. 

Durango on the other hand is split right down the middle by the Animas River. With a population of over 19,000 residents Durango is a place where both ranches and young professionals coexist. Among the many activities it offers, the most common being kayaking, tubing as well as biking or hiking. Looking for a riverfront property for sale in Colorado will give you options from A to Z in Durango. The city has a lot more properties listed but the prices are … well … to say higher would be a bit of an understatement. From the really modest options that start at $125,000 you can find a property as high as $9,995,000, the second option being a Ranch on a lot of over 60 acres. The median home price is $450,000

Riverfront Properties for sale in Florida

grand falls new brunswick

Looking at any riverfront property for sale in Florida, one should not overlook either Tampa or Green Cove Springs. 

With the Hillsborough River passing through it, the city of Tampa has many water activities available. From kayaking to fishing or river taxi by boat, the river gives many stops on the way to Hillsborough Bay. For those that like kayaking or canoeing, beware of gators as meeting them should not be on your itinerary, not while in a small boat. You can find a riverfront property for sale in Florida by looking at the available options with the help of the best realtors in Tampa if you like big city life. Prices range between $200,000 and $10,000,000 but the median home price is $248,000.

In Green Cove Springs, you have the City Pier by the St. Johns River with many activities for children and the Island Aqua Sports for boat tours. You can go paddle the creek and see gators, turtles, fish or even kayaking for a bit more adrenaline. Home to the “Original Fountain of Youth” Green Cove Springs has attracted residents and visitors since the 1800s. Riverfront property for sale in Florida, can be found in Green Cove Springs from $50,000 to over $900,000 with a median home price of $219,000.

Riverfront Properties for sale in Missouri

long exposure missouri river

Looking for the perfect riverfront property for sale in Missouri, there are two destinations we decided to look into further which are Rocheport and Kansas City.

Rocheport might just be the smallest town we covered in this article. The population was just shy of 250 residents during the 2010 census but everyone here calls each other by their first name. On the banks of the Missouri River you can go floating or canoeing as well as go for a job on Katy Trail, the longest Rails-to-Trails trail in the U.S. In regards to a riverfront property for sale in Missouri, you can find some amazing options in Rocheport with prices from $200,000 to $800,000 while having a median home price of $255,000.

Talking about Kansas City, besides the Aqua Parks you can enjoy kayaking, canoeing, sailboarding or fishing as well as many other river activities on the Missouri River. You can find a riverfront property for sale in Missouri on the banks of the Missouri River in Kansa City at rather affordable prices. With a median home price of $160,000, here you can find luxury estates at prices over $7,000,000 as well as many modest homes for sale at around $15,000.

Riverfront Properties for sale in Georgia

tallulah george state river

The perfect riverfront property for sale in Georgia can be found in either Alpharetta or Tallulah Falls. For the city of Alpharetta, there are several options for bodies of water. The city is sprinkled with creeks that bring life to the lovely suburb. The most known is Big Creek but there’s also Caney Creek, Cold River Knoll, Foe Killer Creek and many others. Hiking, biking and jogging are some terrestrial activities available but canoeing and kayaking are among the river – or in this case, creek – activities that can be enjoyed here. When looking for a riverfront property for sale in Georgia one can be found through real estate agents in Alpharetta for $1,190,000 with 3 bedrooms and a stable, or something more modest at $460,000 both with a creek right behind the house. The median home price is $416,000 and there are many options available.

In Tallulah Falls we have Tallulah River. This one river created six waterfalls that made the river itself drop over 500 ft in one mile. This natural phenomenon makes this river a destination for the best kayakers as it is very rapid and also dangerous. We found one riverfront property for sale In Georgia, in the small town of Tallulah Falls for $399,000 while the median home value here is $220,000.

Riverfront Property for sale in Tennessee

aerial view of chattanooga tennesse river

In Tennessee we have the large city of Nashville split in two by the small Cumberland River and the small town of Chattanooga split down the middle by the large Tennessee River.

There’s more to the city of Nashville than country music and Tennessee Whiskey. Boating and bass fishing are just some river activities that the Cumberland River offers but there is also the Cumberland River Park. Another variant of Nashville is the Caney Fork River, perfect for kayaking. In case you’re in the market for a riverfront property for sale in Tennessee, through realtors in Nashville you can find apartments as high as $4,000,000 or single-family homes for $200,000, while the median home value is $287,000.

In Chattanooga, you can over-saturate your adrenaline. This area allows for rafting, kayaking or tubing. There are also a few water parks that are family friendly as well as rapids perfect for adrenaline junkies. Looking for a riverfront property for sale in Tennessee will be easy considering the listings available in Chattanooga. A single-family home on the Tennessee River bank can go for about $600,000 however the median home price is at $169,000 so you really have to look around based on what you actually want for your family.


If we missed your favorite destination, you can take a look at some of the best places to buy a waterfront property in the U.S. for more options and see if you can find it there. There are many directions where your search might take you but a house by the river can hardly be a bad idea. Listening to the water as you fall asleep or while taking a dip during those hot summer days, finding your peace while fishing or just enjoying the water as you spend time with the family on the porch … it’s almost too amazing to be true and we haven’t even covered hot springs yet

Let us know if we managed to cover your favorite pick in the comments. Like & Share for all those friends of yours that will love to come and visit your riverfront property.


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