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If you ask any of our top realtors in Tampa FL, about the city, they will tell you that it’s a beautiful city located in one of the state’s most attractive areas. The city of Tampa, Florida, boasts an excellent real estate market, a temperate climate, and a wide variety of exciting attractions. With all these great things going for it, it’s no surprise that realtors in Tampa FL have so little trouble selling listings! Real estate agents in Tampa FL are blessed with one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, where turnover rates are almost as high as the cost of living is low! Those seeking to become realtors in Tampa FL will find that this real estate market is exceptionally accessible and one of the best for new realtors. But what makes Tampa, Florida, such a great real estate market? Well, it’s a number of factors. First and foremost, Tampa has an exceptionally low average home price for its location, with a median list value of just over $296,000. While not lower than the national average, this is relatively low for a city as large as Tampa. With this going for them, it’s easy to understand why our top real estate agents in Tampa FL have such an easy time in the real estate market! Realtors in Tampa FL will also greatly appreciate the low cost of living that their city boasts, which moves listings much more quickly than most other cities. Just about everything in Tampa is cheaper than in other Florida cities, from gas to rent to food. This low cost of living makes it much more attractive to low-income home buyers looking for a place to live that won’t break the bank. If you are interested in finding real estate agents in Tampa FL, you’ve come to the right place; just use the search function above and browse through the list of top realtors in Tampa FL!
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Home to nearly 405,000 people, Tampa is the third-largest city in Florida. And it becomes a juggernaut when combining with nearby cities nestled along Tampa Bay, making a metro area of well over 4 million inhabitants! 

Housing in Tampa, Florida

Real estate agents in Tampa FL will add that Florida has no state income tax, the average cost of living is on the national average, and the houses there – with a median price of $296,000 – are relatively cheap. However, Tampa is a fine opportunity for people doing Airbnb renting because of its incredible tourism destinations. 

Here’s the thing: Tampa is not that far from Orlando, right? So, some tourists go to the Orlando theme parks and just commute to Tampa to attend Busch Gardens. They don’t pay for a hotel just for one night. They drive back. But with the advent of Airbnb renting, a whole new crowd surfaced to an already big renting market. The opportunity of renting just for one night became interesting to tourists who don’t need to drive back tired. And if the price is right, who knows?

With such an accelerated and sustainable growth, newcomers that contact real estate agents in Tampa FL can quickly become homeowners. If you’re interested in buying a home in Tampa FL, you should know, however, that the homeownership rate is around 47% because of the market’s competitiveness. The city’s home type make-up is changing as new developments are a constant here. Currently, around 53% of all homes are single-family homes that enjoy a more relaxed way of life. However, because of development projects that reinvented the city’s downtown area into, as realtors in Tampa FL put it, a live-work-play zone, around 32% of housing is in apartment complexes or condominiums. Also, real estate agents in Tampa FL can find you a home from any year as plenty of homes were built since the 1930s. All you have to do is take your pick.

Job Market in Tampa, Florida

With such a significant population increase, it’s no surprise to see that there are so many real estate agents in Tampa FL on this page. They work a lot. Yes, Tampa has a lot of people and a lot of job opportunities not only for realtors in Tampa FL, but also for everyone else! Top employers are JP Morgan Chase, Amscot Financial Inc., Tampa General Hospital and Wellcare, and the Bay Care Health System. Not to mention the Port of Tampa, which has an extensive shipping operation due to the fact that it is well located within the Gulf of Mexico, shipping directly to Central America and Mexico.

In fact, real estate agents in Tampa FL boast that their city leads the region and the state towards economic growth with a 2.7 percent unemployment rate, even lower than the country’s percentage.

Living in Tampa, Florida

Tampa has excellent and diverse school districts, major league teams for Baseball, Hockey, and Football, lots of cultural activities, and strong job growth. And hey: the Busch Gardens, man. Realtors in Tampa FL would be mad at us if we didn’t mention that. But not only because they love Kumba, Montu, and other classic roller coasters. Tourists come here, and maybe they’ll even stay longer to take advantage of other Tampa attractions. Places like the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo and the Tampa Museum of Art, which could easily be featured as an unknown gem in the Best Museums in the USA list or the others mentioned above, all attract visitors from all over the country!

And if you’re a young Millennial in search of a city to thrive and flourish in, maybe you and Tampa are meant to be. The city is in the Top 5 US Cities with the best internet connection!

So contact one of our top real estate agents in Tampa FL, and find out more about this beautiful city!

Last but not least, our top real estate agents in Tampa FL will be glad to inform you that property crime rates in Tampa FL are far below the national average. This limits the chances of becoming the victim of property crime negligibly low.

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