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Denver, the capital of Colorado (population slightly shy of 740,000 as of 2022), is located at the Great Plains and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Did you know that Colorado has become one of the trendiest moving destinations for millennials in the last decade? This detail alone should make you doubt all the negativity surrounding Mile-High City (5,280 feet above sea level.) Expert local real estate agents in Denver Colorado, will address the often falsely conceived notions anytime. Undeniably, living in Denver in the 21st century has its upside downs. We must mention the somewhat pricy housing, higher-than-your-average crime rates, and an increased cost of living. Still, here’s food for thought. The capital will provide (not only) millennial families, job- and home-seekers with numerous financial opportunities and one-of-a-kind open-air and indoor activities. Are you ready to take the next big step and leave your worries behind? Then contact professional local real estate agents in Denver CO to get the most affordable housing options! They are at your service when it comes to buying cost-effective homes in Denver or renting a unit on a budget. Why don’t you increase your chances of finding a house, condo, multi-, single-family residence, or townhouse in Denver? With top local realtors in Denver CO, you can do that efficiently! Don’t get bogged down by chaotic and unorganized home listings! Reach out to top-tier local real estate agents in Denver CO today! All you have to do is set up a budget and name your housing requirements! These two factors are enough for experienced local realtors in Denver CO to recommend a cheap home to buy or an inexpensive apartment to rent in Denver!
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Did you know there are hidden yet promising properties waiting to be discovered in Denver? Established local realtors in Denver CO can suggest homes for sale in downtown Denver or other safe and prestigious neighborhoods, such as Hampden, Hampden South, Green Valley Ranch, or Capitol Hill! By all means, you can buy land in Denver and turn it into a profitable investment! By reaching out to the best local real estate agents in Denver CO, you can save precious time and money!

Presently, the housing market in Denver is booming. Denver home prices are well above the national average. For this reason, selling a home in Denver can earn you the highest yields. However, selling real estate in Denver has a well-oiled mechanism. Skilled local real estate agents in Denver CO have all the tricks up their sleeves to sell your Denver property fast and smoothly. As a result, they guarantee that your home sale will be in the black! Therefore, the best action is to get local realtors in Denver CO on the horn first. Then, they will list and market your real estate while you can lean back without worries. Are you convinced yet?

Are you looking to buy, rent or sell a home in Denver, Colorado? Here’s what you must know about the local real estate market!

Denver homes are in great demand, and there’s an actual housing shortage. Licensed local real estate agents in Denver CO concluded that their housing market is highly competitive as of this year’s third trimester. Attention, home buyers! The median home sale price was about $580,000 as of September 2022. This aggregate marks a nearly nine percent increase in prices since 2021. Considering the bigger picture, Denver properties for sale cost more than the national average (approximately $430,000). Besides, home prices are eleven percent higher than the Colorado median. Furthermore, local realtors in Denver CO expect prices to rise even more, passing the $600,000 median by the end of the current year. Thus, we recommend Denver home-seekers act soon!

The current situation favors home sellers in Denver. Real estate sells quickly, 18 days on average. In addition, homes in the most desired neighborhoods receive multiple offers and can sell moderately above the list price. 

Interestingly, the median home rent in Denver is slightly more affordable than the Colorado average. On average, you can find a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Colorado for $1,900. At the same time, a more spacious, 3-bedroom apartment will cost you $3,350 also in the city center. Give pro local realtors in Denver CO a shout-out to find the most economical solution!

How did Denver, Colorado, become a booming city?

Local realtors in Denver CO are knowledgeable about their turf’s history. They will shed light on the region’s specific economic development. Incorporated in 1861, Denver was a popular mining spot that had drawn so many “gold-digger” adventurers that US authorities had to declare it a town. Then, Queen City of the Plains (Denver’s other nickname) became the capital of Colorado in 1867. The city’s impressive infrastructure and railroad in the early 20th century were top perks that put Denver on the map.

Consequently, Denver transformed into a transportation hub virtually overnight. Soon, the US government discovered the city’s excellent strategic location, far from the ocean and protected by the mountains. Plus, the soil proved to be rich in oil and gas. Thus, they established significant military bases by spending heavily on the region’s development. 

Get an accurate update on the thriving local economy in Denver, Colorado!

Hardly any major US city comes with a reduced cost of living. Denver (part of the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro Area, the 18th most prominent area in 2010) is no exception. Thus, you must know that the general cost of living is approximately 28 percent higher than the US average and only five percent pricier than the Colorado median. A Denver resident’s estimated monthly expenses are $1,120 without rent. You can cut costs by renting a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center for an average of $1,600.

The unemployment rate in Denver (seven percent) is also higher than the American average of six percent. Still, there’s no reason to be concerned about the lack of career-building opportunities. In the next ten years, market analysts predict a spectacular growth of the Denver job market by about 44 percent (instead of the 33.5 percent American average.) For this reason, savvy local realtors in Denver CO always say: it’s good to live now in Denver, but it will be mindblowing in the upcoming years. The median annual income in 2021 was also decent, $52,000. Moreover, household and family incomes topped the American median “by a landslide.”

Reliable local real estate agents in Denver Colorado, ensure every out-of-towner will have access to a dynamically developing job market. You can pursue a professional career in retail, cultural or artistic domains, sports, banking, etc. Top employers in Denver, Colorado, are Custom Made Meals, Re/MAX Professionals, Slalom, Fidelity Investments, Keysight Technologies, and Panda Restaurant Group.

Is moving to Denver, Colorado, worthwhile?

As mentioned, living in such a vast metropolitan area comes with baggage. Though not the cheapest, the housing market in Denver is still affordable. Especially if you contact top-rated local real estate agents in Denver CO who know the ins and outs of the business. 

No one can deny that the economy and the job market show tremendous potential. Still, why do many people have certain reservations before considering relocation to Denver? 

Firstly, due to its high altitude, Denver’s air is thinner, which might lead to respiratory illnesses. Secondly, the traffic in Denver is perplexing. Seemingly, it’s perpetually rush hour. Then, the crime rates are unfortunately higher than the Colorado average. And the public school system didn’t receive glowing reviews. Obviously, the Denver School of the Arts and Aurora Quest K-8, among many others, are an exception to the rule.

Let’s explore the perks of living in Denver, shall we? Besides the obvious financial advantages, life in Denver comes with access to the Great Outdoors in more than 300 days of sunshine and blue skies. The most notable recreational areas are the Rocky Mountain National Park, Red Rocks Park, Continental Divide & Breckenridge, and Garden of the Gods. However, Denver itself is nothing short of a spectacular and must-see place. Our favorite event is the Twilight Ghost Tour set in Capitol Hill, Denver’s most haunted neighborhood. Moreover, the nightlife is jaw-dropping, featuring gorgeous restaurants and bars with first-class food, beer, and live events. Then, the city has an international airport with flights all around the planet.

All in all, professional local real estate agents in Denver CO, recommend you consider moving to Denver seriously. Mile-High City can right all wrongs as the place is undergoing substantial economic progress. Would you join in its promising development?

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