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Melbourne is a city located in Brevard County, Florida and it is also known to be the second-largest municipality in the county. Having a population of about 80,000 people with a median age of about 45 years, this thriving community has everything you would expect from a city of it’s size.

If you have never been to this city, then there are a couple of interesting facts and things to do in Melbourne Florida that might intrigue you. Here are some things that Melbourne Florida is famous for.

First of all, downtown Melbourne is a really beautiful and exciting place for a stroll as well as a couple of other things that make it very interesting. There are many unique restaurants located here and the charming downtown is home to a variety of events that are held throughout the year if you so happen to be there. The downtown area is beautifully divided into business corridors, subdivisions, retail centers, and art districts which also makes the city of Melbourne FL, a great place to live.

Melbourne Florida is also known for the small but growing zoo called Brevard Zoo. Why is this Zoo so special you might ask? Well, it is special because of the unique animal interactions that you get to experience here. Here you get to feed exotic birds or Giraffes as well as interact with Rhinos or even kayak through the animal enclosures. They also offer a unique rope course that allows you to zipline over some animal enclosures.

Melbourne Florida is also the city with the highest concentration of millennials in the state. So if you want to hang out with millennials in Brevard then you should spend a couple of days in the safe city of Melbourne Florida. About 20 percent of the population in Melbourne consists of millennials and that’s why living in Melbourne FL is great for a lot of millennials out there.

The environment is charming and the city is lively and vibrant making it the perfect place to visit or even to live here. If you decide to relocate here make sure you get in touch with one of our realtors in Melbourne FL.


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