Is Melbourne Florida A Good Place To Live?

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Melbourne is a thriving city located in Brevard County, Florida that really stands out for its beautiful scenery, rich history, art, and culture. The beautiful year-round climate in Florida lifts up the city of Melbourne Florida, making it the perfect vacation destination and a great city to live in.

But, for most people, the climate is not always everything when deciding to relocate to a city, what else does Melbourne FL have to offer? Let’s find out what it's like to live in the city of Melbourne Florida and what makes it a good place to live.

The beautiful weather of Melbourne Florida is accompanied by miles and miles of awesome beaches that are surprisingly not crowded. This is thanks to the fact that most of the tourist traffic revolves around Cocoa Beach which is 20 minutes away from Melbourne.

Also, Melbourne offers a family-friendly environment with plenty of educational opportunities and good schools as well as wonderful locations to be raising a family. A big advantage in the area is the location of the city, that puts you about 1 hour away from Orlando, and 3 hours away from Miami or Jacksonville. This might be ideal for a short vacation or a weekend getaway if you plan to get out of town and you don’t have to worry about how safe Melbourne FL really is.

The real estate market has seen a rise in the past 2 years, but the market has stabilized and now it’s considered a good time to get in the market as a homebuyer. With help from one of our local real estate agents in Melbourne FL, you can find a nice and cozy place you can call home if you decide to relocate here.

Downtown Melbourne is also a beautiful place for strolling and there are many things to do around here. The prosperous economy of the area gave birth to numerous businesses that gave birth to different business corridors in downtown Melbourne. Also, the culinary experiences here are unique and they vary a lot based on your preferences. It is also the perfect place for art enthusiasts or shopping since it has plenty of attractions.

Overall Melbourne FL is a well-rounded city that has a vibrant community of people and beautiful scenery that makes you feel welcome the moment you step within its borders.

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