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With a population of about 200,000 people and home to Fort Bragg, one of the largest military grounds in the world, the city of Fayetteville NC is a special place to live. In addition to that, the city is continuously developing and growing, and the number of people relocating here every day might make you wonder, why is this city so unique? According to real estate agents in Fayetteville NC, the city has a family-friendly environment where you can meet people from all walks of life. Families move here frequently, also veteran service members or anyone who is connected to the military in some way. Also, the city of Fayetteville NC, is highly affordable, and with an average home value of about $150,000, anyone can find a decent place to live on a limited budget. According to Zillow, prices have increased sharply over the past year by about 12% growth. Consider hiring among the local realtors in Fayetteville NC, to get some reasonable home offers and to take advantage of the high appreciation rate. The up-and-coming downtown area of Fayetteville is drawing many tourists and residents with its charm and attractions. About one-fourth of the population is in the military, and you can see Fort Bragg’s strong influence in the area. It is also worth mentioning that the median age of residents is close to 30 years old because of the families and young trained professionals who live in the area. If you want to take advantage of the perks and benefits of living in this sprawling city, get in touch with real estate agents in Fayetteville NC, and find out more about the area’s housing market. Fayetteville is loved and cherished amongst residents and tourists for many reasons: the different cultures, backgrounds, and traditions that blend together to create a beautiful community. With year-round events being held here and celebrated by the people, you will find plenty of things to keep you entertained and occupied. If you are thinking about relocating to this town to be a part of this fantastic community, don’t hesitate to contact one of our realtors in Fayetteville NC, for some of the best home offers in the area.
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Local real estate agents in Fayetteville NC


For anyone thinking about relocating to Fayetteville NC, we have great news for you. The city is rapidly growing in population, and more people find it a desirable place to live thanks to its family-friendly environment, educational and job opportunities. The city prides itself on great restaurants and fine cuisine, along with a variety of recreational activities. A weekend getaway to the beach, mountains, or the capital is fairly common in a city like Fayetteville NC, which is conveniently located just a short distance away from all these great attractions.


Our platform offers you the possibility to contact some of the top real estate agents in Fayetteville NC, who can help you settle in a newly bought home, sell your property or find an affordable rental. So without further ado, here is what you can expect as a home buyer, seller, and renter from the city and its housing market.

Buying a home in Fayetteville North Carolina


Buying a home can be a long and daunting process since there is so much paperwork involved and a lot of money on the line. Getting approved for a loan, passing all the inspections, and closing a transaction can take time, and the high home prices can make it even more difficult for many people. However, Fayetteville’s housing market has some of the most accessible housing options as far as pricing goes.


With a median home value close to $150,000, many would argue that the housing market is a steal. With the help of real estate agents in Fayetteville NC, you have little to worry about when filing the necessary paperwork and closing on a property. Keep in mind that the local realtors in Fayetteville NC can point you in the direction of the most desirable properties and neighborhoods in the area and help you narrow down your searches to a couple of homes that match your description.


Buying a home in Fayetteville NC, is highly desirable amongst families because of the family-friendly environment and good schools. The regional and local economy is also heavily sustained by the military alone, which contributes to about 9.8 billion dollars, and a high percentage of residents in the city have a military-related career. If you fit in any of these two categories, you might find the town of Fayetteville to be the perfect place to relocate and one of the most affordable places to live. Don’t hesitate to contact our real estate agents in Fayetteville NC, to learn more about the greatest military installation in the world and find yourself a cozy place you can call home.


Selling a home in Fayetteville North Carolina

One of the reasons why home buyers storm the area is related to the fact that Fayetteville is one of the most buyer-friendly places in the entire US. With that in mind, home sellers in the area can take advantage of the housing market to sell quickly and at a higher price. Just make sure you reach out to our real estate agents in Fayetteville NC, who would help list your property, market it and get the best offers for you.


Holding on to your owned properties for investment purposes is also a great idea since the city has experienced a 12% increase in home prices over the past year. Signs show that the real estate market appreciation won’t slow down any time soon as the demand for housing is continuously increasing. Selling a home in Fayetteville can prove to be a good transaction as prices rise and the average time it takes to close on a home transaction shortens.


Housing in Fayetteville ranks as the country's third most affordable real estate market. With a median home value of $150,000, homebuyers can get their hands on budget-friendly homes, and home sellers can sell their properties in no time. Just make sure you reach out to one of the top-ranked realtors in Fayetteville NC, for more information about the area’s housing market.


Renting in Fayetteville North Carolina

The thriving housing market of Fayetteville NC, also reflects into the rental market in the area. However, rentals tend to be more on the expensive side, but prices vary from one type of apartment to another. For example, studio apartments in Fayetteville tend to be more costly than bigger apartments, but you can get a one-bedroom apartment for anywhere around $800 per month.


The average rent has increased by about 7% for studio apartments over the past year, and about 50% of the occupied housing units are tenant-occupied households. Surprisingly 2-bedroom apartments have experienced a decrease of about 1%, and one-bedroom apartments remained at roughly the same price point. Since there is a higher demand for studio apartments, it’s easy to understand why prices fluctuate so much between unit types. 


If you want to learn more about rentals in Fayetteville NC, don’t hesitate to reach out to our real estate agents in Fayetteville NC, for more information about rentals and prices.

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