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Wilmington, North Carolina, is a laid-back port city in New Hannover County. Positioned between the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean, Wilmington is that perfect-sized city with plenty of exciting things to see and do all year round. The city has a population of 117,643 but maintains a familiar small-town feel, the perfect environment for a college town that is also a tourist town and a beach town. With its amazingly rich historical downtown, various festivals you shouldn’t miss, and arts and culture scene, Wilmington is a buzzing place to live. Residents have the opportunity to enjoy a nice mix of coastal lifestyle and urban living, which is one of the many reasons why the city has seen an increase in interest lately. With so many interesting things to do, Wilmington is a destination for students, tourists, young families, and professionals alike. There are some pros and cons of living in Wilmington, but based on the increasing interest, it’s easy to regard Wilmington as a safe place to live. Here are some details. 

A growing city with affordable living

There are many advantages of living in the city of Wilmington. The eventful buzzing, the beaches, which are amazing places to spend the summer months, and the great education options all seem to contribute to the growing interest. The increase in demand made the housing market a little competitive. Still, property taxes are only 0.86%, being one of the lowest property taxes in the States.


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ilmington’s outstanding economy is also a contributing factor to the popularity of the city. There are plenty of local job opportunities in many different industries.  


The historical attractions of Wilmington North Carolina can be explored all throughout the downtown area’s historic buildings and museums. The historic district is proud of many iconic buildings from the 19th century. Many of the famous Wilmington events have a tradition that dates back many decades, like the Azalea Festival, which first took place in 1934. 

Safety in Wilmington

As any city so full of life and events, Wilmington can get somewhat overcrowded from time to time. If you’re wondering what’s it like to live in Wilmington, NC, well, one thing’s for sure: it’s eventful. The city has seen a population boom in recent years, which can explain why the traffic got heavier. It would be exaggerated to say that the traffic is unsafe, but still, it’s better to note that it can cause slight inconveniences sometimes. Of course, some periods are calmer, but seasonality and events can create challenging times in traffic. 


As for safety, Wilmington has crime rates that are slightly higher than the national average, but on par, compared to the state average. It’s important to take into consideration that safety can vary a lot depending on the neighborhoods in the city. In every city, some parts are less safe than others. For example, the neighborhoods Rivers Edge, Water Street, The Cape, Harbor Oaks, and many more have been listed as the trendiest places to visit in Wilmington, and also the best places to live in the city. 


Looking at statistics, where crime is ranked on a scale of 1 (low crime) to 100 (high crime), the violent crime rate in Wilmington is currently 35.4. The property crime is 60.8. Both are somewhat above the national average, but proportionate with similar nearby cities. Fayetteville (violent crime rate 39.1, property crime rate 69.4), or Durham (violent crime rate 40.6, property crime rate 58.1) both have similar indexes.

To sum up,

Like any city, Wilmington experiences crime. However, overall, Wilmington is considered a safe city. The crime rate in Wilmington is slightly higher than the national average but lower on equal with similar cities. There are some neighborhoods that have higher crime rates, so it’s important to do research or talk to local real estate agents in Wilmington NC, to help you with more information. 

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