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Whether you reached this page because you’re looking to sell a home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, buy one or rent one, you’ve come to the right place. Here you won’t only find helpful information regarding the city, the real estate market, and the city’s job market, but also some of the best real estate agents in Murfreesboro TN. The city’s population is growing each year exponentially and over the last ten years, it went from 69,000 to over 152,000, more than doubling its density. We’ll try to pinpoint the catalyst of this growth and, with the help of realtors in Murfreesboro TN, give you some relevant information about the city. As the former state capital till 1826 and the current county seat of Rutherford County, the city of Murfreesboro is the largest suburb of Nashville, Tennessee as well as the sixth-largest city in the state. Real estate agents in Murfreesboro TN informed us that ever since the 1990s, Murfreesboro became the fastest-growing city in Tennessee and in the country. In 2018 it was ranked as the 19th best place to live in the US by Money. One of the main reasons for this growth is considered to be the Middle Tennessee State University which also led to the city being dubbed the “Athens of Tennessee”. Since World War II, as realtors in Murfreesboro TN have said, the city diversified its industry during the industrial development period. Adding that to the accelerated population growth led the city to experience sustainable economic growth as well. The city is filled with history and real estate agents in Murfreesboro TN know that. Let some of the best realtors in Murfreesboro TN tell you everything about their city. You can find them listed below, along with their name and contact information.
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We’ll now provide the information we mentioned before. But first, we have to get one thing straight. The local real estate agents in Murfreesboro TN often use the city’s small-town feel as a way to describe it. You might think that it isn’t accurate when in truth, despite the amazing growth experienced, the city still feels like a small town. In-between chain businesses realtors in Murfreesboro TN support the wide variety of locally owned stores that have a history behind them. People are friendly and welcoming as the period past 1990 has shown. But let’s see how the housing market looks before we get into the more leisure stuff.

Housing Market in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Murfreesboro’s real estate market is an appealing one. Real estate agents in Murfreesboro TN shared with us that the city’s proximity to Nashville and its more affordable housing motivates people to relocate there. Wherever you’re coming from, purchasing a home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee will give you access to a wide range of amenities and expansive entertainment facilities. Add to that the short 35 miles drive to Nashville and you have access to everything you could possibly want.

Regarding the housing market per se, realtors in Murfreesboro TN tell us that prices are on an ascending trend with the median home value being $284,000. The larger majority of housing is below that price and only a limited amount of homes are priced above $1,000,000. The homeownership rate is split down the middle between owners and renters with rent prices averaging at $1,500. The most common type of housing is single-family homes with a 55% majority as can be expected from a suburban city. The second most common homes are found in apartment complexes with an increasing number at 28% based on the accelerated growth real estate agents in Murfreesboro TN mentioned. You can also find housing in Townhomes (8%) and small apartment buildings (7%), but only 2% of all housing is in mobile homes.

Knowing all of this you’re probably wondering what realtors in Murfreesboro TN have to say about the job market and the city’s economy. We’ll get into that next.

Job Market in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

While moving to a city that acts as a suburb to Nashville, Tennessee, might lead one to believe that it might lack economic growth as residents might be more attracted to the larger state capital, that is not the case with Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The city’s median household income goes up to $58,000 below the Nashville median earning; this doesn’t mean that there aren’t fantastic job opportunities available in the city.

The most common jobs that residents in Murfreesboro, Tennessee hold are sales and other related occupations, while the most specialized occupations available in the city are those related to moving materials. According to the local real estate agents in Murfreesboro TN, the highest paying jobs are architecture and engineering occupations, with median earnings of $74,000.

Based on industry, the biggest number of employees work in the health care and social assistance industry, while the biggest number of specialized employees are in the management of companies and enterprises. The highest-paying industry is by far the Utilities, with median earnings of $79,000.

With an unemployment rate of around 3.4% and a future job growth expectancy of 56.6%, realtors in Murfreesboro TN know that their city’s growth had an impact on the economy. Bigger companies are attracted to the city, fueling its economy to new heights. Becoming a new Murfreesboro resident will give you access to all of that and so much more.

Living in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

This family-friendly Nashville suburb will make any family with small children’s dreams come true. Real estate agents in Murfreesboro TN know that their city is ideal for those seeking great educational opportunities, a growing and expanding economy, and a healthy housing market. But those are all just stats and data. The residents living here praise this city on all of that and so much more. The small-town feel we heard about from realtors in Murfreesboro TN makes an exciting combination with the college-life atmosphere, but it works. Without being noisy or dull, Murfreesboro is the third-best suburb for young professionals in all of Tennessee because aside from its high-ranking education system, it has the economic infrastructure to offer high-quality jobs for all those students. Just contact the top-ranked real estate agents in Murfreesboro TN and they’ll tell you everything about their amazing city.

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