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Las Vegas Real Estate Agents


Real estate agents in Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas… but what Las Vegas Real Estate Agents have come to find is that Who comes to Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.
Yes, though Vegas has a deserved and proud fame of being a “Disney for Grown-ups” – which naturally places the city as one of the best cities for singles -  Nevada’s most famous town has been attracting a lot of long term stays as of lately. Las Vegas Real Estate Agents are smiling from ear to ear; in fact, it was named the #1 real estate market in 2018.
Truth be told, the city is only picking up a pace that was stopped with the great recession. The Las Vegas Real Estate market was booming in the late 2000’s but suffered badly, especially Luxury Real Estate, with the housing crash in 2009. Reasons behind the return of growth are both the hard-working professionals in town (yeah, you too Las Vegas Real Estate Agents) that helped businesses pick up again and a governmental effort to attract more investment to the city. In a matter of 5 years, Vegas acquired three major league franchises, bringing the Raiders (NFL) from Oakland, creating the Vegas Golden Knights for NHL (ironic a hockey team in the desert, right?), and the Las Vegas Aces (WNBA). The Raiders alone are scheduled to play on a brand new 65,000 capacity stadium to be launched in 2020 – can you think of how many jobs this will create during and after the construction?
Infrastructure is booming as a whole. The population still drives around a lot, but more and more, Vegas is investing in its public transportation service with bus and trains. Is it a place for family? Well, Las Vegas Real Estate Agents will tell you it’s increasingly becoming more appealing to families. Las Vegas has a total of 68 parks, 109 skate parks, and countless other family areas; they really hold nothing when it comes to having fun on this town… However, education is a bit of an issue; considering Nevada ranks last on Education, Las Vegas is not even that bad, but still…. Ouch. Its school district is the fifth most populous school district in America and we always want a little more attention for our children, right? But since 2015, the state has been investing heavily in education – more than 500 million Dollars! -  so while the changes will only reflect in a couple of years, families already feel it in their children's growth. Plus, a way to work around that if you can’t wait is enrolling your kid at private schools, charter schools or homeschools.
Talk to one of the many Las Vegas Real Estate Agents we have, and you’ll have one definite notion: there’s a reason this city is so unforgettable and living among this sort of greatness every day, is a real treat!