Definition of "What to do in Coral Gables?"

What is to be said about the pearl in southeastern Florida that hasn’t been covered before? Coral Gables is an expertly and lovingly planned community with friendly folks, lush greenery, Mediterranean-style architecture, and a rich cultural scene. Whether you’re a history buff, an art enthusiast, a foodie, or simply seeking a peaceful escape, Coral Gables has something to offer everyone. 

Let’s discover the best things to do in the enchanting city of Coral Gables! Beware, though; no description can compete with the knowledge and advice provided by savvy local real estate agents in Coral Gables Florida! They are at the top of the game regarding this delightful city’s most newsworthy and topical events! In addition, they will supply excellent (and the most budget-friendly) housing options in Coral Gables you’ll ever receive!

Matheson Hammock Park

Since everyone heads to the beaches first in Florida, we will start our presentation of iconic attractions in Coral Gables with one of the most gorgeous coasts. Are you seeking breathtaking outdoor adventures? Then, Matheson Hammock Park will offer you the ultimate escape! This coastal park features an artificial atoll pool, bordered by a sandy beach and mangrove forests. It’s an excellent spot for kayaking, picnicking, or simply enjoying a sunset over Biscayne Bay.

Coral Gables Art Cinema

Are you such a passionate film fan as we are? Then, we advise you to replace streaming films at home for the real deal! Coral Gables Art Cinema will take you back to a time when seeing a motion picture meant a genuine thrill ride shared with a similarly enthusiastic crowd! This independent theater screens a colorful selection of international, classic, and independent films, making it a haven for cinephiles.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Nature enthusiasts assemble! Did you know that Coral Gables is an outdoor lover’s paradise? Either way, visiting the splendid Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is a must. This 83-acre oasis is home to an astonishing array of exotic plants, tropical fruits, and vibrant flowers. Stroll through the various themed gardens, attend a horticulture lecture, or relax in the serene surroundings. Life can’t get any smoother than this!

Venetian Pool

Florida’s freshwater springs offer a unique and exciting experience! Let’s explore this natural wonder in Coral Gables! So grab your bathing suits and cool off in style at the Venetian Pool, a historic freshwater pool built in 1923! Surrounded by coral rock caves and waterfalls, this picturesque pool is fed by spring water, creating a refreshing and unique swimming experience. It’s the definitive site to spend a sunny afternoon at.

Nostalgia galore in Coral Gables

The renowned real estate developer George Merrick designed and built this fantastic city following the trendy City Beautiful Movement in the early 20th century. Mr. Merrick had a penchant for class, history, luxury, and unspoiled green spaces. All this can be tracked in residential and commercial areas throughout the city. To honor Coral Gables’ founding father, the charming local community kept the original buildings in excellent shape and established new ones. The nostalgia factor in The Gables is omnipresent.

The Biltmore Hotel

The Biltmore Hotel exudes grandeur and elegance. This historic landmark, built in 1926, features stunning Mediterranean Revival architecture, picturesque gardens, and an irresistible swimming pool. We recommend taking a guided tour and enjoying a spa or gourmet meal!

Coral Gables Museum

This beautiful Mediterranean Revival-themed building, the Coral Gables Museum, provides an in-depth dive into The Gables’ fascinating history, culture, and architecture. The exhibits highlight the evolution of Coral Gables from its birth to the present day!

Miracle Mile

At Miracle Mile, you can combine uncovering the city’s historical roots with shopping and dining. This lively street is the heart of Coral Gables’ commercial district, lined with boutique shops, art galleries, and an array of international cuisine options. It’s an ideal spot for a leisurely afternoon of exploration.

The bottom line

Coral Gables, Florida, is a genuine cultural, history, and natural beauty treasure trove. Whether you’re drawn to its natural beauties, historic architecture, or vibrant cultural scene, there’s no shortage of things to see and do. So, next time you visit the best places in Florida put The City Beautiful at the top of your list!

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