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Are you sure you want to move to this mega-metropolis? Are you really drawn to the city’s job market? Would you like to live in one of the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? If your answer is yes to all of these questions, then the local real estate agents in Pittsburgh PA, have something ready for you. There’s really no point in fighting the urge. The city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a culturally diverse, economically developed, geographically thrilling major city that would fit any family type. It’s as simple as that, and the community of realtors in Pittsburgh PA know it. How could they not when they see everything the city has to offer. From a booming economic growth to the city’s distinct mixture of culture, the local real estate agents in Pittsburgh PA promote their city with great enthusiasm as they look at their happy residents. As a major city with over 300,000 residents, and if you include the suburbs surrounding it, bringing it up to over one million residents, making the Pittsburgh metropolitan area the second largest in the state. An incredibly diverse demographic not only concerning racial or ethnic origins but also religious background and types of households. Over the last 30 years, there has been more residential racial integration in the metro area, and realtors in Pittsburgh PA try to further promote the city’s diversity. As part of the Great Lakes Megalopolis, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has strong socio-economic connections with Ohio as well as some Canadian cities. Its geographical location dubbed the city as the Paris of Appalachia, as the cultural, educational, technological, and healthcare resources placed Pittsburgh, PA, on the world’s map after the deindustrialization area. Real estate agents in Pittsburgh PA focus on the city’s tourism industry, its economic strength, and well-planned residential development whenever this topic comes up with potential new residents. Contact information from top realtors in Pittsburgh PA can be found below, as well as more information about this thriving metropolitan area.
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From its early beginnings in the mid-1700s to today’s globalized world, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, stood out as an economic powerhouse in the country. Moving from steel production to robotics hasn’t been easy, but the city thrived throughout its many changes. Real estate agents in Pittsburgh PA feel humbled at their city’s history, and every new resident is another brick laid at its strong foundation. 

We can’t talk about Pittsburgh, PA, without talking about its 446 bridges as the city is placed at the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers’ confluence. The Point State Park is where the Ohio River is born. The local realtors in Pittsburgh PA will tell you about how their city was named the second-most livable city in the US for several years. But let’s see what a new resident would have access to in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Pick the best neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods are divided into five main areas. Because of its geographical make-up, these areas and most neighborhoods have references to hills or heights within their name. New potential residents should also be aware of the 800 sets or outdoor stairways that work as exercise equipment and provide amazing views of the entire city, as real estate agents in Pittsburgh PA know too well.

The Downtown area is referred to as the Golden Triangle or the Central Business District. Realtors in Pittsburgh PA say that it’s shaped like a triangle or the tip of an arrow bordered by the two merging rivers. With over ten bridges that cross the two rivers and 30 skyscrapers, this area is where most major corporations established their offices.

The North Side or North Hills consists primarily of residential neighborhoods where real estate agents in Pittsburgh PA can help you find your home. The brick or stone buildings dating from the 19th century give an interesting architectural appeal to the area. Many attractions are also located here, perfect for cultural explorers.

South Side or South Hills includes diverse shopping, eating, nightlife, and live music options. Realtors in Pittsburgh PA consider it a Pittsburgher destination because of its vibrant scene. East End houses the educational facilities of Pittsburgh as well as housing options for students that real estate agents in Pittsburgh PA can show you. Lastly, the West End gives the city’s best views from Mount Washington towards the Downtown Skyline.

The median home value in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is around $197,000, surprisingly affordable, making the city a buyer’s market. That can change at any moment considering the growing job industry, but let’s find out more about that aspect of life in Pittsburgh.

From Steel City to Technological Hub

While the century-long steel industry collapsed during the deindustrialization of the mid-20th century, healthcare, technological, robotics, educational, and nuclear industries flourished, making Pittsburgh a leader and the sixth-best area for job growth in the US. As the “poster child for managing industrial transition”, Pittsburg renewed its industries creating a new economic base.

With over 1,600 high-tech companies, realtors in Pittsburgh PA deal with young professionals looking to relocate to their city on a daily basis. But that doesn’t cover the expanse of the city’s job market. Nonprofit arts and cultural industries employ over 10,000 residents, while the environmental design leading industry makes Pittsburgh the home of 60 green buildings. Its movie industry houses the largest sound stage outside of LA and NYC, reminding residents of the world’s first movie theater. Several conventions call Pittsburgh their home, including the world’s largest invention trade show, INPEX.

Finding your life in Pittsburgh, PA

Across different platforms and surveys, the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ranks as the most livable city in the US, a status that can barely be described in this summary. Its low cost of living, affordable housing, the natural safety its location provides, and excellent safety rating really make Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an ideal place to live. Conversations with any real estate agents in Pittsburgh PA will only conclude these aspects of the city. Shortly after, it will also fortify your decision to browse the listings and find your dream home in this fantastic metropolis. Contact any of the realtors in Pittsburgh PA listed above, and you’ll be one step closer to unpacking your boxes and settling in.