An Agent’s Guide On How To Plan The Perfect Open House

Published date: Nov 14, 2017

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An open house can be the perfect way to attract visitors to your home and make a lasting impression. Some of these people may even return or place a call afterwards to offer on the house, which is exactly what you want from an open house.

Keep in mind that the perfect open house takes careful planning and consideration. Rushing around last-minute or being ill-prepared may reflect badly on you and the house, so it’s best to plan ahead and make sure everything is ready the night before.

As any real estate agent knows, open houses can be tricky to pull off, especially when you’re not sure where to start. Consulting a professional can be a good first step, but here are a few tips on how to give your open house the kick it needs to be memorable.

  • Wipe down everything, and check for smudges. Keeping everything sparkling clean has its advantages, definitely. If there’s a lull in the visitor pool at any point, don’t hesitate to whip out a handkerchief and wipe down windows and glass cabinets where they’ve left fingerprints behind.
  • Minimize the clutter in the entry and living spaces. People are going to want a clear look when they walk through the door. Move coats, shoe racks, and personal belongings elsewhere, and keep the living room organized and tidy.
  • Pay special attention to your bathrooms. Make sure everything is wiped down and dry, and throw all soap, toothbrushes, razors, and personal items into a designated container. Wipe down the mirrors, open the curtains, and keep the room well-lit. A dimly-lit bathroom seems grim or depressing.
  • Don’t throw things into the closet. Guests will want to look at the closets, so make sure personal belongings are packed away safely and put near the back. Try to clear them out as much as possible, so viewers can get a good scope on how large they are. As most real estate agents already will have experienced, space is key when making a sale.
  • Odor check everything. Put trash cans outside or out of sight, replace bags, throw baking soda in the bottom -- anything that can prevent unpleasant odors. Smells are the first and last things people remember, so try lighting candles and airing out the house. Remember to hide candles, potpourri, and other air fresheners before the visitors come inside, however, and try to choose light, ubiquitous scents. No house naturally smells like a pine forest. For more scent ideas check out our blog, "Scents that attract home buyers during an open house".
  • Looking for the perfect tip on how to make your open house memorable? You haven’t planned the perfect open house until you’ve invited food trucks. Not only will they draw attention to your house, but the visitors can get food and enjoy themselves during the viewing. Making your open house more like a party will leave a positive impact on the guests, and encourage them to call back later.


With some creative planning and a bit of foresight, your open house can be a hit waiting to happen. People are easily swayed by the atmosphere, so creating a comfortable, entertaining environment for potential home buyers can seriously determine how seriously they consider your home.


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