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Has the Grand Canton State always fascinated you, but the scorching heat has taken you aback? Then, the beautiful city of Prescott in Yavapai County, Arizona, will deliver the ideal solution for you and your family! Due to its unique geographical location, i.e., approximately 5,400 feet above sea level, those living in Prescott AZ enjoy milder summers and much cleaner air. Though Prescott isn’t as famous as the largest Arizona cities, like Tucson or Phoenix, it still delivers plenty of perks that make this delightful place the ultimate relocation destination. Why don’t you ask established local real estate agents in Prescott Arizona? Regarding affordable housing and staying up to date with economic advantages and local news, contacting professional local real estate agents in Prescott AZ is your best choice! Suppose you’re considering moving to Prescott AZ. The first thing you must learn is how to obtain relevant housing information. This is where the best local real estate agents in Prescott come into the big picture! Buying a home in Prescott Arizona will go smoothly with their dedicated assistance. Expert local real estate agents in Prescott will supply reasonably priced properties to purchase or invest in. Whether you’re interested in buying a cheap condo, inexpensive townhouse, single or multi-family unit, or commercial real estate with high ROI, top-tier local real estate agents in Prescott AZ will deliver the best options! Buying a home in Prescott has never been more straightforward!
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Find the most comprehensive housing news in Prescott Arizona from reliable sources!


Renting a home in Prescott Arizona, can be a viable and more cost-effective option in the short run. If you contact experienced local real estate agents in Prescott AZ, they can show you around town. Subsequently, local realtors in Prescott AZ will point out the most affordable alternatives for rental in Prescott. Look for rental in Prescott no further! Apartments, duplexes, single-family units, and luxury estates are at arm’s length away! Let’s find you the most pleasing rental in Prescott AZ!


Being actively involved in Prescott’s local real estate market has never ceased to be a highly lucrative business. As the housing market is picking up, you should also explore your options for selling a home in Prescott! In such cases, we recommend you get in touch with licensed local real estate agents in Prescott AZ. Why? Because these skilled local realtors in Prescott can give you a ballpark estimate of your possible revenue based on neighborhood comps. Your faith in them will be rewarded soon as these competent local real estate agents in Prescott AZ will work around the clock to get you the best offers. In addition, they will list and market your home and organize property showings. Moreover, they will hold the owner’s hand and supply valuable tips and tricks while selling a home in Prescott Arizona.


Explore the booming real estate market in Prescott Arizona!


Is buying a home in Prescott indeed a financially overwhelming adventure? Right off the bat, we must disclose that real estate is pretty pricey. As of October 2023, reliable local real estate agents in Prescott revealed that the median home sale price was approximately $600,000. Property prices in Prescott have retained about the same value as in Q4 2022. In the larger context, the median Prescott real estate price is about 45 percent costlier than the Arizona average. Also, it’s more expensive than the national average of $410,000 in the final quarter of 2023. Local realtors in Prescott also reported that the median home price in the last three years moved between $480,000 (October 2020) and $700,000 (May 2022). 


Investing in a Prescott land, residential, or commercial asset will always be profitable. Though median home sale prices fluctuated throughout the last couple of years, the last quarter of 2023 experienced slightly increasing values again. For this reason, local real estate agents in Prescott AZ advise you not to postpone buying a home in Prescott!


Are you selling a home in Prescott? Then, you must take into account the following stats! In Q4 2023, Prescott is a buyer’s, slightly competitive market. On average, homes sell after 50 days on the market, an increase after last year’s 35 days. Also, you might expect to sell your home 2 percent below the initial price. Suppose you own a hot property in one of the trendiest Prescott neighborhoods, such as The Hassayampa Village Community, Downtown, Forest Trails, or American Ranch. In that case, the chances are that you can sell at the list price.


Can the local economy in Prescott Arizona, back up its slightly expensive real estate market?


Prescott’s steady (and quite spectacular) population growth reflects the place’s immense popularity. In the 1970s, Prescott’s population was only about 13,700. By 2023, it has grown to 49,000! Residents and newcomers alike feel economically safe and thriving in this fantastic community. Let’s see the actual data, shall we? The unemployment rate in Prescott equals the US average of 3.8 percent as of September 2023, a massive improvement over last year’s figures. Moreover, market experts predict an even more commendable job market growth of about 43.4 percent, exceeding the national average of 33.5 percent in the next decade.


Ask top local real estate agents in Prescott AZ about the economical perks of living here! First, you don’t have to worry about state estate tax if you retire here. It means your family will inherit more valuables after your decease. Secondly, you won’t have to pay state income tax on your Social Security benefits. 


On the flip side, the average yearly salary in Prescott was about $47,000, lower than the national median of $59,420 (based on Dember 2023 data). Furthermore, the cost of living in Prescott is also costlier by about 17 percent than the American average. 


Since Prescott’s economic climate is very favorable, many companies moved here. Additionally, you’ll find numerous locally-owned businesses and enterprises. Top employers in Prescott are Yavapai Regional Medical Center, Yavapai County, Northern Arizona VA Health Care System, Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University, Walmart, and Polara Health.


You won’t miss incredible adventures in Prescott, Arizona!


Reach out to the best local realtors in Prescott to bring you up to speed with the city’s must-see places. We are 100 percent sure they will recommend seeing Watson Lake and The Prescott National Forest for their awe-inspiring natural beauties and the Downtown Historic Area for its countless historic venues. If you’re looking for the best place to recharge your batteries, why don’t you visit Lynx Lake Recreation Area? We suggest The Elks Opera House Theatre, Sharlot Hall Museum, and The Smoki Museum for arts and culture fans. Buy the freshest produce at The Prescott Farmer’s Market, where you’ll have the chance to meet and greet warm-hearted locals!


Should you consider moving to Prescott Arizona?


Prescott obtained an outstanding livability score of 72/100 percent on Areavibes. Residents have a generally positive experience living in Prescott. The housing market is thriving, and even if properties look expensive, the best local real estate agents in Prescott AZ will help anyone find a home tailored to their budget. Secondly, Prescott’s economy is expertly managed with several financial benefits and a promising job market. Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to boost your professional career creatively, Prescott will deliver plenty of options. Third, the city’s central location puts gorgeous tourist destinations (for instance, the Prescott National Forest) within reach. Don’t believe Downtown doesn’t have numerous pleasant surprises! Make sure to visit Courtyard Plaza and Whiskey Row for fun times! 


Due to its abundance of perks, Prescott makes for the ideal family-friendly and snowbird relocation destination. With low crime rates and good schools (like Abia Judd Elementary School and Prescott High School), Prescott lives up to its excellent reputation.


On the downside, the disadvantages of living in Prescott Arizona are few and far between. First, the cost of living marginally surpasses the national average. Prescott has a high elevation, so getting used to living here might take a while. Thirdly, the Sun’s UVB and UVA can affect the skin faster. So, you must take care of your skin health more deliberately!


Don’t let minor inconveniences deter you from giving Prescott a chance! Living here is a blast!