Is Lakewood Ranch FL A Good Place To Live?

Definition of "Is Lakewood Ranch FL a good place to live?"

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Lakewood Ranch is a city located in the northeastern part of Sarasota County and in the southeastern Manatee County, Florida. Stretching for about 48 square miles and with a population of about 30,000 people, Lakewood Ranch FL deems the title of 2nd best master-planned community in the US.

Lakewood Ranch is considered to be a great community with a family-friendly environment and one of the best places to retire. By living in Florida you already have the benefit of no state tax income, which means you get to keep more of your hard-earned dollars. If you are thinking about relocating to Florida, you might as well consider living in the lively and vibrant community of Lakewood Ranch. But is Lakewood Ranch Fl a good place to live?

What kind of amenities can you expect to find in Lakewood Ranch FL?

Having the benefit of being one of the top master-planned communities in the US the city of Lakewood Ranch offers residents a high quality of life starting with an abundance of residential amenities. The Lakewood Ranch County Clubhouse is 44,000 square-foot of fine dining but with more casual spots as well. The clubhouse also features a state of the art athletic center as well as more than 20 tennis courts.

In terms of recreation, Lakewood Ranch is relatively close to some of the best beaches in Florida, but it also offers many more in terms of sports and recreational activities. Lakewood Ranch is also known for being a top-rated golfing community with four golf courses with plenty of variety and holes of golf to keep you playing for hours.

Aside from golfing, Lakewood Ranch has a lot of amenities towards outdoor recreational activities. Some of them include 150 miles of interconnected trails and most of the streets feature bike lanes. Plenty of parks and green areas in the town makes the city feel lively and vibrant in a community that is safe as well.

Is housing expensive in Lakewood Ranch FL?

Lakewood Ranch FL is definitely one of the communities with the most beautiful home curb appeal and exclusive communities with luxury homes. But, the area has a housing market that covers home options at all price points. Here you can find homes priced around $300,000 and it can go as high as $5 million dollars if you are looking for a luxury home in one of their exclusive communities.

Whatever you are looking for a perfect family home or you are seeking the perfect retirement home Lakewood Ranch is the place for you. Make sure you get in touch with one of the best realtors in Lakewood Ranch FL that will help you with the home buying or selling process.


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