Dependent Care Assistance Plans Dcap

Definition of "Dependent care assistance plans (dcap)"

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Fringe benefit provided by the employer to its employees as sanctioned under the 1981 Economic Recovery Tax Act. Under Internal Revenue Code Section 129, this benefit is nontaxable to the employee and the costs incurred by the employer are considered tax deductible as a necessary business expense. The dependent under DCAP is defined as a dependent child under age 15, a dependent elderly relative, or a dependent mentally and/or physically handicapped individual. DCAP can be implemented through a salary reduction program under which the employee can choose to reduce his or her salary up to a maximum of $5000 annually for dependent care-related expenses. A current employee benefit insurance plan can be amended to include DCAP, thereby making the benefit available to all employees. DCAP permits the employee to select the type of dependent care program that he or she prefers.

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