What Is The Average Home Price In Clermont FL?

Answer for "What Is the Average Home Price in Clermont FL?"

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Do you want to feel the heartbeat of Orlando but the big city life is not really what you have in mind for you and your family? Take a look at Clermont, FL! It’s a hidden gem that you should discover. Living here is affordable and the average home price, although a little higher than in Orlando, should not pose any problems to those who are ready to buy a house in Clermont. 

Knowing the average home price in Clermont may not be a piece of extremely valuable information because there are many types of homes available and prices may vary between $40,000 for a mobile home to millions of dollars for a deluxe estate in Clermont, probably with an impressive water frontage. However, the average home price in Clermont is expected to rise quickly. The real estate market is rather hot at the moment, and according to areavibes[dot]com, the city of Clermont is among the top 10 fastest growing cities in Florida. Our real estate agents in Clermont FL have analyzed the latest data on home prices and the average home price in Clermont is roughly $270,000. For this price though, you can purchase a 3-bedroom dwelling. The Clermont Guide published by EXP Realty features an even higher average home price in Clermont FL - $353,851. 

So, as you can see, we analyze multiple sources in trying to determine the average home price in Clermont FL, and everyone seems to arrive at a different number. But that is normal because every source uses its own methodology.  

Another great tip from Clermont real estate agents is that most homes sell about 2% below the asking or listing price. The average home price in Clermont FL may be deceiving, because the home you are looking to buy may be priced below that price. The main advantage of buying a house in this city is the fact that most buildings are new or very recent, so you should expect to pay a little bit more to live in a house that is not in need of major renovations. 

If the average home price in Clermont FL didn’t convince you that Clermont is a good place to live, then maybe you should take into consideration the following five reasons for living here as well:

  • The weather in Clermont is great - too far inland to be hit by hurricanes
  • The city is very affordable and has no income tax
  • People here are very nice, polite and highly educated
  • There are many employment opportunities in Clermont and around the city
  • You can really live a healthy life since the city is renowned as a fitness paradise. 

So, are you ready to buy or sell a house here? Find real estate agents in Clermont on our up-to-date agent directory. The house of your dreams is closer than you think!


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