Exclusions From Medical Benefits Exemption

Definition of "Exclusions from medical benefits exemption"

Lisa A. Hayden
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Found under the "Exceptions and Exclusions Section for All Medical Benefits" in many health insurance policies that exclude:

  1. complications arising from elective, nontherapeutic voluntary abortion.
  2. necessary cosmetic surgery for the immediate repair of a nonoccupational disease, illness, accident, or injury.
  3. custom-built orthopedic shoes, wedges, or arch supports.
  4. speech therapy ordered by a physician to restore partial or complete loss of speech resulting from stroke, cancer, radiation laryngitis, orcerebral palsy.
  5. services, supplies, or treatment in connection with or related to endogenous obesity or obesity resulting from external causes thatthe physician certifies is associated with a serious or life-threatening disorder.

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