Numerical Rating System

Definition of "Numerical rating system"

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Underwriting method used in classifying applicants for life insurance according to certain demographic factors and assigning weights to these factors. Factors include physical condition, build, family history, personal history, habits, and morals. For example, if an applicant is 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 250 pounds, his mortality expectation based on this height-weight ratio may be 160% of a standard risk who weighs 150 pounds at that height. In this instance a debit of 60 percentage points would be listed next to the weight factor on the applicant's underwriting sheet. If the applicant has an excellent family history (no hereditary diseases such as diabetes), his mortality expectation based on this factor is 90% of the standard risk. Here a credit of 10 percentage points would be listed next to the family history factor. Upon completion of the debiting/crediting process, debits and credits would be totaled for a final rate, which would classify the applicant as standard, substandard, or an uninsurable risk.


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Comments for Numerical Rating System

Alex Mawene Alex Mawene said:

what are the underwriting conditions

Aug 21, 2021  05:29:40

Real Estate Agent

Hey Alex! Thank you for reaching out to us. The interesting thing about your question is that you can only find your answer with each individual insurance company. Each company has its own system of calculating the underwriting conditions for calculating the risk of death because, in this case, we refer to life insurances. The method of calculation is highly complicated, and it is its own field of study. It is called Actuarial Mathematics, and there are countless formulas used and percentages applied. You should contact your insurance broker or agent for more detailed information as they have more expertise with this than us.

Aug 23, 2021  10:17:31
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