What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Auto Insurance?

Answer for "What are the benefits of Commercial Auto Insurance?"

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Liability Coverage: In case you're sued as a result of an auto accident. Collision Coverage: Helps cover physical damage to your vehicle due to collision or upset. Comprehensive Coverage: Helps cover physical damage to your vehicle due to fire, theft and glass breakage. Rental Reimbursement Coverage: Helps cover the cost of a replacement vehicle for a specified period of time when your vehicle is disabled due to an insured loss. What are the benefits of Workers Compensation Insurance? Workers compensation insurance provides for the well being of your employee's and promotes a positive work environment. Be aware that some states have passed laws that makes Workers Compensation mandatory once a business expands to four or more employees on payroll. Workers compensation insurance was created in order to pay employees. medical expenses and loss of wages in the event of a job related injury or sickness.

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