Pension Plan Limits

Definition of "Pension plan limits"

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Dollar limitations under the Internal Revenue Service code as follows:

  1. The elective annual deferral limit is $10,000.
  2. A highly compensated employee's annual compensation limit is $80,000.
  3. QUALIFIED PLANS and SIMPLIFIED EMPLOYEE PENSION (SEP) plan annual compensation limit for contributions is $160,000.
  4. SIMPLIFIED RETIREMENT ACCOUNT annual compensation limitation is $6000.
  5. SIMPLIFIED EMPLOYEE PENSION (SEP) plan annual compensation minimum is $400.
  6. State, local government, and tax-exempt organizations' annual limitation on deferrals under DEFERRED COMPENSATION PLANS is $8000.
  7. The DEFINED BENEFIT PLAN maximum annual benefit under Section 415 (b) (1) (a) is $130,000.
  8. The DEFINED CONTRIBUTION PLAN maximum annual contribution under Section 415 (c) (1) (a) is $30,000.
  9. The maximum account balance dollar amount permitted for determining the tax credit under an EMPLOYEE STOCK OPTION PLAN (ESOP) subject to a five-year period of distribution is $735,000.

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