What Are The 10 Best States To Live In?

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In figuring out the ten best states to live in, you always look at certain factors. These factors can differ from individual to individual, but they are always relative to what you are looking for in the place you move to. Or maybe you just want to know if the state you already live in is among the ten best states to live in. Whether you’re moving and trying to decide where to move to or already decided but want to know if the state you’ll move to is the best, through this question, we’ll give you the ten best states to live in at the moment.

When you decide on a place or state to live in, the process is always personal. We always have reasons that guide us towards a certain destination. Those reasons might be family, family obligations, the history of the place, or a job offer. The following states have many things going for them, many factors that helped place them on this list, some being among the safest states in the US. We’ll mention a few and let you decide for yourself if you haven’t already.

1. New Hampshire

New Hampshire manages to stay at number 2 of the nation’s metric for health and safety. For us, it rules the list with the lowest crime rates from our list and the 8th best metrics for Education. The state’s economy is fast-tracking through several industries that increased job opportunities and lowered unemployment to 2.6%. 

  • Median income: $73,000
  • Median home value: $282,000 

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h3>2. Massachusetts

It is said that the best place to live in 2021 is Massachusetts, as it ranks first in Education and second in Healthcare. A great example of this is the city of Newton, MA, with a 97% graduation rate. Massachusetts remains among the best options when it comes to safety and receives the second-highest score for safety with five scores available. With stunning inventions and its charming appeal, the state has an unemployment rate of 2.9%. 

  • Median income: $77,000
  • Median home value: $410,000

3. Minnesota

The US News and World Report ranked Minnesota as the third best place to live in 2019. The state comes in at number three with the increasing job growth and its growing economy securing its spot. As the third best state, when it comes to job opportunities and a well-developed education system, Minnesota ensures financial stability with a 3.2 unemployment rate.

  • Median income: $68,000
  • Median home value: $241,000

4. Washington

Washington is the first western state to make it on this list, the second being Colorado. With some of the country’s healthiest residents and some of the best-educated Americans, Washington’s population increased by 13.1% over the last decade. The state’s drawback is its safety rating that weighs heavily on its appeal, but a 4.5% unemployment rate helps.

  • Median income: $71,000
  • Median home value: $395,000

5. Colorado

As the eighth largest state when it comes to size, Colorado has some big shoes to fill. The state manages to outrank any other state through its economy but coming in among the better half for infrastructure is not bad when you think of its size. Education and Healthcare rank 2nd and 8th respectively, but its exceptional natural beauty makes it an ideal state for adventurers.

  • Median income: $68,000
  • Median home value: $241,000

6. New Jersey

While USA Today places New Jersey at number three in their ranking scale, Massachusetts is higher, and Connecticut is lower on our list among the northeastern states. The safety rating is higher in New Jersey than the other two, and its residents are the fifth best-educated Americans in the country. The second highest income and an unemployment rate of 2.6% make it a top destination.

  • Median income: $80,000
  • Median home value: $330,000

7. Utah

With the second-lowest unemployment rate, Utah manages to stand out on our list. In number 4 on US News and World Report in 2019, Utah has a well-developed education system and relatively safe streets, making it a great place to raise a family. Utah has the 6th best healthcare system and an unemployment rate of 2.5%.

  • Median income: $68,000
  • Median home value: $348,000

8. Virginia

As the best place to live in the US, based on the US Department of Labor, Virginia is ranked at 8th place on our list. Its education system achievements place the state on number 6th across the US. Virginia’s high safety rating and increased median income secure it as a state where families can grow and prosper. Taking a quick look at Arlington, VA will prove this. Other viable options for young families that want to relocate that fit this pattern can be found through the realtors in Chesterfield VA, or by contacting the local real estate agents in Fairfax VA. The city of Alexandria, VA checks several of the boxes that families may focus on when they look at the best place to relocate to. The state also has the fourth-lowest unemployment rate at 2.6%.

  • Median income: $72,000
  • Median home value: $266,000

9. Maryland

With the highest median income across the US, Maryland is considered the country’s wealthiest state. The refined way of life combined with the safety ratings make the city of Fort Washington, MD a great example of what the state has to offer. Realtors in Upper Marlboro MD can also help with some amazing relocation options in the state. Combine that with the second-lowest poverty rate at 9.5%, and you get financially stable residents. The education system ranks in third place, which leads to higher incomes and, surprisingly, some affordable places to live in Maryland. The unemployment rate is at 2.6%

  • Median income: $81,000
  • Median home value: $292,000

10. Connecticut

Besides Massachusetts, Connecticut is the second New England state that makes it on our list. Similar to Maryland, Connecticut is known as a wealthy state with a higher median income than most that rise with educational attainment. Coming 4th in Education, 3rd in Healthcare, and higher in safety than it’s Mid-Atlantic cousin, Connecticut has an unemployment rate of 3.6%.

  • Median income: $74,000
  • Median home value: $245,000


We’re always looking for the best place to live, for our families, for our income, for our safety, and for the education of our children. For that reason, we compiled this list, making sure to consider all of these factors. We kept in mind that the residents’ happiness and well-being in each of these states are a testament to their prosperity. Relocating to a new state can be disheartening, but it can also be a new and better tomorrow.

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