Is Glen Burnie MD A Town Or City?

Definition of "Is Glen Burnie MD a town or city?"

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As you already know, within the state of Maryland there are different cities, towns, and CDP's also known as Census Designated Places. Most commonly you will find a variety of incorporated cities and towns, that act as suburbs for bigger cities such as Baltimore and Washington D.C. The county of Anne Arundel in Maryland is home to Glen Burnie. Many wonder if Glen Burnie is a town or city and if you have the same question we have the answer.

It would be more than fair to call Glen Burnie a city of Maryland because it has a fairly large population of about 67,000 people and it stretches for about 18 square miles. For what it has to offer, Glen Burnie MD is considered to be a good place to live and many would love to be part of this community.

Glen Burnie Maryland is packed with amenities that make it a lively place where people can play, relax, and work. That’s why this place comes closer to a city rather than a town. However, Glen Burnie MD isn’t either one of those, and here is why.

Glen Burnie MD is located just 13 miles away from Baltimore, which makes it a suburb of Baltimore. Glen Burnie MD is also a CDP in Anne Arundel County which is used by the United States Census Bureau for statistical purposes.

The CDP received its name after Elias Glenn who established a county seat near Brooklyn Park in 1812. He was a district attorney and he named his property “Glennsburne”. Later the name would change to “Glennsbourne Farm”, and eventually to “Glenburnie” as it would pass to Glenn’s descendants.

Nowadays, the city is a place where people enjoy the lifestyle in some of the best neighborhoods in Glen Burnie MD. You can be part of the community by contacting one of our top real estate agents in Glen Burnie Maryland and explore this amazing suburb of Baltimore.


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