Personal Property Insurance

Definition of "Personal Property Insurance"

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When people think of home insurance policies, they usually only think about the obvious coverage of its house structure. But that, known as Dwelling Insurance, is only one of the coverage areas of a homeowner’s insurance umbrella.

The personal property insurance is one of them and, to put it in a simple explanation, it protects objects inside your home. For instance: Hail cracked the window and from that a piece of art was ruined by water? Personal property insurance covers the damage. A burglar broke in and stole some jewelry? Personal property insurance saves the day.

Most people think this type of coverage only make sense for people with unique, expensive, irreplaceable objects, but that is far from true. In situations of an  "Act of God", for instance, lots of individually inexpensive appliances can get damaged and collectively add up to a huge amount. Imagine you have to buy a new TV, fridge, dishwasher, computers…

Better start looking with different eyes to personal property insurance coverage, right?

Real Estate Tip:
There are better ways to practice your detachment than losing all your belongings: find a real estate agent to help you protect your material world!


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