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Why do people love Virginia Beach so much when it’s technically closer to North Carolina than any other major city in Virginia? Join us as we reveal incredible trivia on this beautiful resort town and explore its countless delights! 

Mind-bending names attributed to Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is your absolute dream come true, even if you don’t know it yet. Over the years, travelers have called our charming city many names. Perhaps, “the world’s longest pleasure beach - according to the Guinness Book of Records,” and the up-and-coming number-one relocation destination is the most fitting. So, trendy US cities, you’d better watch out because we have a new kid on the block! 

Did you know that Edgar Cayce, American clairvoyant and the “Greatest Psychic of All Time” (1877-1945,) relocated his activity headquarters here? This visionary man firmly believed that Virginia Beach was the safest city in the United States as continents would start to deform and assume another shape. And who are we to contradict this brilliant mind?

Virginia Beach features impressive numbers.

This paradise resort counted approximately 464,000 souls in 2022, making it the most populous city in Virginia. If you feel its population is impressive, wait till you hear its geographical dimensions! Virginia Beach’s total area reaches almost 500 square miles; thus, it outperforms the capital of our nation, Washington, DC, and Manhattan! 

It also proudly presents Mount Trashmore, one of the greatest landfills in Virginia; the only real spot to get a kick out of the fireworks on the 4th of July.

The local economy in Virginia Beach is terrific.

Indeed, Virginia Beach doesn’t belong to the elite club of the wealthiest counties in Virginia (simply because it’s an independent city.) Nevertheless, the Beach is still regarded as one of the most economically prosperous regions in the state. The local unemployment rate (4.8 percent) beats the national average of six percent. 

Simultaneously, job growth is positive in the region. A resident in Virginia Beach earned more money last year than the American Joe annually ($32,500 to $28,500.)

Unusual employers in Virginia Beach - or, here’s your chance to become a pilot!

The job market is thriving, the military being one of the area’s most prominent “hiring” companies. Suppose the US Army and Airforce sites and posts excite you, and you even entertain a military career. In that case, you’ll have a blast at the Naval Air Station Oceana and three Little Creeks (Fort Story 5 Joint Base, Joint Expeditionary Base, and Naval Amphibious Base!) 

A minor bummer occurs when jets take off next to these bases, generating turbulence and a slight commotion. The experience much resembles living next to an airport.

Check out the emblematic Boardwalk!

The three-mile Virginia Beach Boardwalk was initially built in 1888 and serves as the undisputed heavyweight champion hosting social interactions. Virginia’s trendiest promenade and the 5th most excellent boardwalk in the entire USA  is so momentous that you’ll want to sleep there during your stay’s first couple of days. 

We understand: the oceanfront is jaw-dropping, and by-passers are genuinely friendly as they stroll toward the fishing pier or one of the numerous hotels. Once there, don’t forget to check out the 34-feet-high King Neptune bronze statue! 

Discover the astonishing underwater wildlife! 

Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center are two of the most popular tourist destinations in Virginia Beach. The Aquarium is situated along the shores of Owl Creek, and it features picturesque outdoor areas overlooking the water. As a result, you’ll see the marine world’s greatest heroes, such as sharks, sea turtles, otters, and the extremely rare Komodo dragons! 

Are you a nature enthusiast? Then, the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge, located right behind Sandbridge Beach, will be your sanctuary! On more than 9,000 acres of beach, freshwater marshes, and forested areas, the refuge guarantees unique adventures, such as paddling, hiking, and wandering along beautiful nature trails.


We barely scratched the surface of the must-see things in Virginia Beach. Still, it should be evident by now that this place ranks number one on the list of the best places to see in Virginia! Now, all you have to do is pack your bags and set out for the sandy shores of Virginia Beach! Be warned; you won’t be able to escape the urge to relocate here. In that case, reach out to the best local real estate agents in Virginia Beach VA, asap to get reliable info on affordable housing options! 

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