Riders, Life Policies

Definition of "Riders, life policies"

Endorsements to life insurance policies that provide additional benefits or limit an insurance company's liability for payment of benefits under certain conditions. These include:

  1. Waiver of Premium for Disability. An insured with total disability that lasts for a specified period no longer has to pay premiums for theduration of the disability. In effect, the company pays the premiums.
  2. Accidental Death Benefit.
  5. Other Insured. Term life insurance is added on a person other than the primary insured, with the rate based on the other person's age,sex, underwriting classification, and amount of coverage.
  6. Children's Insurance. Term insurance on each child is added, usually to the age of majority. Generally, a child cannot becomeinsured before the age of 15 days or after his or her eighteenth birthday.
  7. Additional Insurance. Term insurance can be added to ordinary life policies as an additional layer of coverage for some specified timeinterval.
  8. Transfer of Insureds. In business situations, generally used to insure key persons with the cash value and the insurance coveragetransferable from the initial insured person to another person.

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