Section 401 (k) Plan Switchbacks (ksops)

Definition of "Section 401 (k) plan switchbacks (ksops)"

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Device that allows plan participants in employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) trust to reinvest the dividends into their section 401 (k) plan. Under the switchback approach, plan participants are permitted to select whether they wish to reinvest their dividends paid on the company's stock into the KSOP on a tax-deferred basis or take the dividends in cash and be subject to ordinary income tax. If the plan participant elects to reinvest the dividends into the KSOP, the participant's contribution to the Section 401 (k) is reduced by the amount of the dividend. The KSOP concept allows dividends to be retained in the retirement plan and permits the plan participant to increase the amount of his or her contribution into the plan by the amount of dividends reinvested.


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