Definition of "Subsidence"

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Subsidence is a term used in geology, engineering and surveying to denote the motion of a surface (usually, the earth's surface) downwards relative to a datum such as sea-level. In meteorology, subsidence refers to the movement of air downwards.

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Vanessa Lee Vanessa Lee said:

what rights can a owner use to use water from a river or stream

Mar 31, 2019  22:09:01

Real Estate Agent

Hi, Vanessa! As you probably know, there are water rights that cover the usage of water. There are riparian rights and littoral rights. If your property has access to a river or stream, you can use the water freely for irrigation or for other purposes as long as the upstream and downstream neighbors are not affected. When a river is the border of your property, you own half of the land covered by the river (half of the river bad), too. The littoral rights refer to waterfront properties that have access to a lake or a sea - in short, navigable waters. Ownership stops at the level of high tide. 

Apr 02, 2019  06:21:35


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