Definition of "Trust"

Darryl  Harrison real estate agent
Darryl  Harrison, Real Estate Agent The Urban Land Company

Legal entity that provides for ownership of property by one person for the benefit of another. The trustee receives title to the property, but does not have the right to benefit personally from that property. The trustee has a legal obligation to manage the property and invest its assets solely for the beneficiary of trust. Since the trustee is required to manage the property and its assets in a prudent manner, if the trustee fails to perform in accordance with the PRUDENT MAN RULE the trustee becomes personally responsible for any lost funds or profits incurred by the trust. There are basically two types of trusts: LIVING TRUST (established during the life of the GRANTOR) and TESTAMENTARY TRUST. For example, a trust may be established by a parent to hold assets for the benefit of a child.


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